Alter your cooking methods to Kraft the perfect dish out


How Kitchen Kraft Catering Company is all different from other existing catering companies?

Chef Karann: The traits that differentiate Kitchen Kraft from the other players is that we make a new world Indian food. We cook more of Indian contemporary food. Along with that, we also make more fun food items like our starters which are fun starters, a complete delicacy of a new bite. We at Kitchen Kraft rely on fusing global ingredients with Indian cuisine to create delectable dishes. Like recently we came out with Dal ‘E’ Kitchen Kraft with Truffle Naan, Jheenga Dum Kesari, Chicken Tikka with Makhani Fondue, etc.

You have worked with many prime brands of the industry, what is the difference in handling a hotel kitchen and Handling a kitchen of a catering company?

Chef Karann: It’s the same, we cook food everywhere, one just has to be passionate about cooking food and you are good to go anywhere be it a Hotel Kitchen or a catering company. The geographical boundaries do not define our cooking style or our cooking methods or it does not change our passion for cooking. 

Majorly it has been witnessed that after reaching a height or when done with their traditional jobs, Chefs go for their restaurant chains, few become consultants and the list goes on. What made you opt for a Luxury Catering Company?

Chef Karann: I have been cooking for others when I had collaborated with leading hotel chains like ITC Maurya, Taj, Oberoi, Hyatt, Carnival Cruise (USA), Seabourn Luxury (USA).  I always wanted to do something of my own and finally, one day I decided and came out with Kitchen Kraft. I chose to come up with a Luxury Catering Company because I feel that catering is more challenging job since every day you are cooking something new, and I like to do something experimenting every day, plus I tend to meet new people also in my current profile.

What is the best part of the Fusion cuisines and what is the toughest part of curating a fusion cuisine?

Chef Karann: The best part of the fusion cuisine is that you tend to use or mix two different cuisines, work on them and come out with a new dish. The toughest part is that one needs to dwell a lot of patience while experimenting as the first attempt is not always correct, you have to change your recipes, alter your cooking methods or include or exclude any ingredient to get the perfect dish out.

Kitchen Kraft Catering Company operates across the country and abroad. What are the major catering trends which are popular in other countries but yet not launched in India?

Chef Karann: As an industry, I think we are far ahead in the luxury segment compared to abroad. The reason is we treat our guests as a God-like “Attithi Devo Bhava”, and that is what luxury all about. One needs to treat their guests with such a warmth that he feels that he is god. Hotels and weddings abroad are so cold. However, if you go to an Indian Hotel, you would feel as if they were waiting for you since forever. In Indian catering, there is an emotional touch which is the only reason for us to go beyond boundaries and satisfy our guests.

Any plan to launch an exclusive catering service that is not yet arrived in India?

Chef Karann: Actually, we do not believe in changing, we rather believe in evolving ourselves from what we were previously and try to give a remarkable experience to our clients and guests. We don’t want to change our style, we want to evolve Kitchen Kraft and make it a firm brand like it should come first in mind when people think about luxury catering.

Are there any special services which are only provided by your company and none of your competitors serve the same?

Chef Karann: When it comes to special services, we do offer restaurant setups in catering. We also provide Island buffets along with interactive kitchens and interactive pass around starters. We have international chefs working with us, we have international waiters, servers who come in for the party from all across the globe. We have specialized chefs for all the specialized cuisines.

In the catering business, one very common thing is food wastage, how Kitchen Kraft Catering Company works to reduce the food wastage?

Chef Karann: I believe that wastage controls the first step to food cost. We, at Kitchen Kraft, only cook that much food which is required by our client and for this, we have our whole menu on Live Counters, so in that case, we only cook that much which in on demand. 

Catering service has been an important part of various industries. Apart from corporate events and private parties, catering is playing an important role in MNCs and other giant workplaces. How different it is to cater to an event and workplaces?

Chef Karann: Event catering is much more luxurious, there is a big menu which is offered to the guest, compared to corporate catering, the menu is limited and not that luxurious since, in corporate catering, the employees have to eat and return back to their job, so in that case, we have to make it crisp and swift, so people come and eat and they go back and follow their routine job schedule.