Baking Happiness


How did you manage to quit your job and start baking? What actually pushed you towards their profession?  

Jessica & Kadambari:- The main reason for quitting the job and getting into full-time baking was job satisfaction. The joy to innovate and enhance your skills daily pushed us to this profession

In your variety of cakes, Unicorn cake sounds extremely new and exciting. What technically it is and how different it is from a pinata cake?  

Jessica & Kadambari:- Cake trends change every day, today it may be something and the very next minute something new comes up. The trend for unicorn cakes came around last year and till date, it’s still trending with kids and adults alike. A unicorn cake is based on a fictional/mythical creature which is very desired but difficult to find. Pinata cakes are cakes that are centre filled with candies, sprinkles etc. A unicorn cake can also have a pinata.

Among the Jar cakes, loaf cakes and communion cakes, which one is yourcustomer’s favourite and how do you try to innovate something new every time as you are known for your beautiful designs?

Jessica & Kadambari:- All three things are very different from each other and as people have different taste buds, we have customers who order specific to their preference. We like to innovate different desserts as it is the only way to learn. We research and try out new things just to improve our skills and offer something new to our clients.

When your venture says “Take happiness home”, how happy are your customers with your bakery? What is that ultimate appreciation that you have received so far?

Jessica & Kadambari:- When we say ‘Take happiness home’ we always serve the best to our clients and you can witness the same in our guest’ feedbacks. We don’t compromise on quality or taste. The greatest form of appreciation we’ve received is, people praise us through various channels like voice notes, phone calls and sometimes clients write a letter to us. we’ve preserved every memento given to us be it a gift or notes.

How do you prepare the fresh cream for the cake? How is your prepared cream different from the other bakers?

Jessica & Kadambari:- We did a lot of trial and error for our fresh cream but we cannot give out details on that  We don’t believe in competing with other bakers as each baker works hard to do their job, we just believe in enhancing our skills.

Do you both ever deal with a clash of opinion while preparing a cake, the way siblings behave? 

Jessica & Kadambari:- Of course, we have a difference in opinion sometimes, we don’t agree on certain things as no two people are the same. We have a 5 year age difference so we argue sometimes but at the end of the day, we have to come to a common conclusion keeping our business in mind and do the best for that.

Your idea of starting a baking business has already worked out. Where do you see yourself in the coming time as an entrepreneur?

Jessica & Kadambari:- We take one day at a time, of course, we have plans to open a cafe someday but we want to do it when we are completely ready for it. For now, we just enjoy the work we have and the happiness we get from our clients. We love being home bakers.

Which flavour of cupcakes are your favourite and that you would recommend from your bakery? How do you customize cupcakes and what is the exciting part of it?

Jessica & Kadambari:- Our all-time favourite cupcakes have to be our classic dark chocolate rum, dark chocolate Nutella and red velvet cream cheese cupcake. Our customise cupcakes based on our customer’s requirement and the most exciting part is when we are allowed to use our creativity to make their vision a reality.

How different and difficult is it to make a 6 layered cake as compared to frosted buttercream cake? Which is the essential tool you use to make 6 layered cake?

Jessica & Kadambari:- To anyone who asks this, we would like to say it’s all in your skillset which comes from years of practice. You need the technique and right tools and some hacks you learn every day. Buttercream cakes need good consistency and a cool temperature so preferably work in an ac room. In short to make any cake your skill, infrastructure, tools and techniques matter.