Cookies turned into Pizza


Please tell us, how did you first start with baking & what triggered you to open ‘The Bliss Station’?

Rakhi Gupta:- Cooking had always been my passion. When I was in 7th standard I made something for the first time and that was lemon pickle from the peels. And it came out well and passion grew with years. After having kids I would love to bake cakes for them with recipes from the internet. I use to share pics with my friends. Slowly they all started motivating me for taking orders. 4 and 1/2 years back I started taking orders of only cupcakes and slowly started doing cakes and then came the birth of The BLISS STATION and it’s received great love from my clients, family and friends always kept me motivated. I am a self-taught baker and have not undergone any special training.

We all have heard of pizza but you made something called ‘Cookiezza’. What it was and how did you come up with it?

Kids are always an inspiration for parents and so are mine to me, I made jumbo cookie and topped it with varieties of chocolates and used white chocolate to look like a pizza and named it as cookiezza.

How did it hit you to experiment with beetroot and spinach for making the cookies? Where did you get the idea?

Rakhi Gupta:- My son has always been a fussy eater he never used to like any vegetables I have always used veggies in making anything and everything so to feed him in cookies I even added in that.  He loves his pink and green cookies. 

How much time did it take to prepare the basket cake? What flavour was it? How did you get the idea of making this cake?

Rakhi Gupta:- It was my moms birthday and for every kid, mom is a superwoman. Always use to see liftable purse cake and use to think of making them and then came my mom’s birthday and thought of making liftable purse cake but then thought let me make fruit basket and the executed it to make one. The biggest challenge was to make the structure and once that was done it took me 6 hrs from baking to icing and assembling with breaks for cooling sponges and all and a meeting to attend. As it was a fruit basket I made fruit n nut cake. I loaded with lots of caramelised nuts and fresh fruits in fillings and decorations.

 What is the technique of making a photo reel cake? Does the quality of the cake get affected due to it?   

Rakhi Gupta:- Quality of cake never gets affected if you use proper techniques and food-grade products to cover your reel. I always prefer round food-grade bottles to make my reel as it has never disappointed me and always gives me a smooth result. It’s very important to cover your photos properly so u can keep the reel as a memory forever. 

The half chocolate oreo and half rasmalai cake looked awesome. How did you think of going with such an experiment? Do you get likewise orders?

Rakhi Gupta:- This half n half cake idea cake when there was an anniversary of my very food-friendly and where the husband is a vanilla lover and wife is a chocolate lover. I made my half n half cake for the first time and everyone was impressed with it. Have made many dual flavour cake-like oreo-rasmalai, rasmalai-chocolate, pineapple-chocolate, and many more. Once I made 4 flavours in 1 cake. 

Do you prefer using cake mould / Chocolate mould and which is the best place to find the best mould?

Rakhi Gupta:- Yes, I do and I don’t have any particular place to shop. I pick it up from all the places I like it at.

Do you organise workshops? How fond are you of chocolates? Share your love for chocolates in one line.

Rakhi Gupta:- Yes, I do conduct workshops too, for cakes, cookies, breads, main course, starters, desserts and much more. I am crazy for chocolates since the school days I was famous for carrying chocolates in my school bag. Chocolate is a stress buster. 

Tell us about any funny baking moment in your life.

Rakhi Gupta:-It was my friends birthday and I had made a chocolate cake and I had over dozed it with lots of Old Monk-like almost 1 cup in 1 kg cake. and rest is a history