Every time set a new benchmark for yourself


Since when, baking has been a love for you? Tell us about your baking journey.

Minal Momaya:- Cooking and experimenting with dishes has always fascinated me. I never miss an opportunity to learn something new and always try to absorb as much as I can from the vast sea of knowledge. In 2014, I attended a basic cake workshop after some unsuccessful attempts. Gradually, I started enjoying baking but I never thought that my passion would someday turn into my profession. A little credit also goes to my clients who had faith in me and my craft and kept challenging me by setting a benchmark for me with every cake.

How do you try to keep ‘Sweet Era’ different from other bakery? What is that element that makes it unique?

Minal Momaya:- SweetEra stands out because of its originality. We believe in quality. We craft our each creation with utmost love, care, hygiene and perfection. The satisfaction of the customers is what we strive towards because we understand that for clients, a cake is much more than a mere dessert. It is like a token of feelings that makes their day. Also, our personal touch at every step may make us unique and different.

What innovative have you tried with your cakesicles and cakepops till date? Which one is your loved creation?

Minal Momaya:- About a couple of years back cakesicles and cake pops were in trend and those tiny pieces of creativity caught my attention. I love cakesicles more because they have a wider canvas to give imagination wings. Cakesicles with Chocolate garnishing is my favourite.

You make innovations by inserting money, pictures inside the cake and that comes out as surprise. From where do you come up with this sort of creativity? What response do you receive from these?

Minal Momaya:- I had seen a surprise money cake on the Internet and was desperate to make one. Fortunately soon I got a client call who wanted a money theme cake. So I offered her my new concept. She liked the concept too and we went ahead with it. My first try itself was successful and I got amazing reviews from clients and on my social media handle too. Then a thought clicked my mind that even photos could be inserted instead of notes and these surprise cakes became popular quickly and also travelled several times across many parts of Mumbai.

How difficult it is to do painting on a cake as compared to painting on clothes and other items? Which has been your favourite painting?

Minal Momaya:- I love painting but painting on whipped cream cakes is a little more difficult than any other base like cloth etc. Although it is easier on fondant. Out of all personally, I like the silhouette style of painting on the whipped cream cake and I have tried several times.

As a baker, what do you think how social media helps you in showing your creativity at a big level?

Minal Momaya:- In 2015, when I had just started my baking career, social media was not so prominent, It was just word of mouth publicity. But now social media has given me a bigger platform to portray my work, creation and talent. Moreover, the response of the people to my cakes on social media helps me resonate with them and understand what they actually want. But apart from all these, social media has also helped me to connect with other experienced bakers and learn from them.

Have you ever tried making ice cream cake? If not, are you planning it further? From where did it strike upon you to prepare Gulab Jamun cake? Are indian mithai fusion preferred these days by the customers?

Minal Momaya:- I have tried ice-cream cake several times with different techniques and I am looking forward to making more with perfect technique.

Two years ago, it was my daughter’s birthday and she wanted a new flavour other than the common ones and Rasmalai was a popular flavour among my customers. So I tried her favourite Indian sweet Gulab Jamun with cake and the outcome was awesome.

The fusion of authentic Indian sweets and western cakes has always turned out great and will always be so.

What makes your enthusiasm high towards your profession? Please share a motivational line for the upcoming bakers.

Minal Momaya:- Every day a new cake brings a new challenge to me and with every victory over a challenge I learn something new and this is what excites me about my profession and keeps me engrossed. “It is important to remember that we all have magic inside us, so whip, Churn, learn; just don’t let your magic burn!”