‘Fusion’ is the way to go


You are absolutely amazing in making facial expressions on the cake. Please tell us how and from where did you get this art? Please tell us the best appreciation you have received for it?

Lalita Satti:-Thank u so much for the appreciation, I think, being deeply interested in fine arts from a very young age has been a great help. I used to sketch and paint a lot and always tried to be realistic. Whenever I try a caricature figure and someone is able to identify the person on whom it’s based. It’s the biggest compliment.

How did you enter the world of bakery and what does baking mean to you?

Lalita Satti:- I am not an expert baker, I make just a few recipes. I still struggle to create an elaborate recipe. But, if it’s an elaborate design/painting on a cake, I would jump on the first opportunity. My focus is mostly on decoration, that is the visual part of it.

Please tell us how you get an idea of making a sugar modelling past creation of Lordess Durga and how many days did you take to make it?

Lalita Satti:- So, it was Navratri, and I wanted to make an idol of Goddess Durga. Also to try various techniques of internal structure etc.

Are you specialised only in vegetarian cakes and what is the motive behind this?

Lalita Satti:- Yes, mostly because I am a vegetarian. But as I started getting reviews from my clients that their parents, grandparents who never used to have cakes, relished, just because they could trust that it was a vegetarian cake coming from someone who was known, I decided to keep my bakes vegetarian.

How did you get the art of doing flower art on the cake and how many types of flower art you can do on a cake? In addition, please share the first time you did flower art on the cake?

Lalita Satti:- As I told u that I was into painting, so I use many painting techniques in the cakes I decorate. First time I tried making palette knife flowers was almost 2 yrs back, but just once, and forgot about it. But recently when I saw many international artists using the same technique I got inspired … took out my old set of knives and started again. I practice a lot.

How many days did you take to make chocolate Lord Ganesha and what is the toughest thing to do in chocolate sculpture?

Lalita Satti:- The recent chocolate Ganesha took me two days to complete. As I make it from chocolate and carve it, using the modelling chocolate to a minimum, it’s very time-consuming.

You give a lot of cake demo at the expo, please tell us how different is it to give cake demo as compared to baking a cake for a specific customer?

Lalita Satti:- Doing cakes for a customer is very one to one. It’s like providing service, it’s business. U bake, get paid that’s about it. But in demos, there’s a feeling of sharing with your community, it’s beautiful.

These days fusion cake is being made of Indian mithai which is in huge demand, please tell us your take on fusion cake?

Lalita Satti:- Fusion is the way to go. It’s happening in art, dance, music, different cuisines are being twisted to suit the Indian palate, how can baking be left behind.