I give 99.9 per cent surety of my cakes


Please tell us, how and from where did you get an idea of making hand purse design cake and please share with us the best reaction you have got for hand purse design cake?

Daivata Barge:- First of all the hand purse Cake idea is originated by my sister. My sister likes handbags alot, from that, an idea came into my mind why that I  should try Hand Purse Cakes that too Hanging Hand Purses. So I baked a Hanging Hand Purse Cake On her Birthday And when she saw the cake, she gave aww reaction which is  ( Is this a cake.? How it’s Hanging ..! ) the best reaction  I got for my Hanging Hand Purse Cakes.

How different is it to make a Spherical cake as compared to fondant cake or buttercream cake?

Daivata Barge:- Spherical Shape Cake is Very Easy to make as per compared to Fondant Cake.  Detailing process of fondant cake takes more time as per compared to spherical shape cake as spherical cakes get covered with whipped cream.

Most people think that fondant Cakes are not tasty what is your opinion about this?

Daivata Barge:- Fondant cake is a chocolate cake( occupied with the chocolate sponge and chocolate ganache ), the taste of fondant cake depends upon the layer of fondant covered on it whether it is thick or thin. As per my experience, until now I have received the got excellent reviews and feedbacks about Fondant Cakes.

How do you make sure that customers receive a tall cake appropriately and without getting spoilt?

Daivata Barge:- I give surety to customers about the tall cake that it will not get spoiled because I give proper 2 to 3 hours to get it settled nicely and by using dowelling inside the cakes. I give 99.9 per cent surety of that.

Where and how did you learn the art of Hand painted cake and which is your favourite food colours brand that you prefer while painting cake

Daivata Barge:- I learned the art of hand-painted cake on my own, by building and developing artistic drawing skills, and I prefer ‘Magic food colours’ brand while painting cakes and suggest the same brand to others.

What is your take on Indian mithai fusion cake and which more Indian mithai flavoured cake do you see coming next?

Daivata Barge:- Everyone like the normal flavours cakes such as Pineapple, Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and so on but the Indian Mithai Fusion cake attracts most to the customer and peoples, I had also made Indian fusion mithai cake in Rasmalai flavour called as Rasmalai cake.  It has received a great response on social media and its demand started increasing. I always received positive reviews and feedback from customers about the overall presentation, look and taste. Name of Indian mithai fusion cake on which I am working and which is my next upcoming is Custardapple Rabdi Cake also called as ( Sitafal Rabdi Cake )

How was your experience of making cake wrapped with sparkly solid sugar and where did you get this idea?

Daivata Barge:- Actually, I got the idea of Making sparkly solid sugar wrapped from Instagram, from a cake artist_ Liz Marek. My experience was nice as it is very easy to wrapping cake out by sparkly solid sugar, and it looks So amazing, Beautiful and delightful.

Please tell us about Themes cakes. Why you were so interested and inclined towards theme cakes?

Daivata Barge:- I like to make theme cakes into a realistic form of cake. People also prefer theme cake more. I’m so interested and inclined towards making theme cake is because of its detailed work, I work on the details more efficiently because more detailed work makes the cake more amazing and beautiful. I have created various theme cake such as Vada Pav Cake, Paithani Cake, Hanging Purse Cake, Fish Thali cake, Coco-Cola cake, Maharashtrian thali cake etc and I’m looking to make more delightful and beautiful theme cakes in future.

A quick Rapid fire round-

Rapid fire round

1. Cupcakes or Macaroons?


2. Fondant or Whipped Cream cakes?


3. Edible flowers or figurines?


4. Your Favourite Flavour