Motivation leads to Success


How important is the love of baking for you in your life and when did you come up with the idea of starting a cookery class?

Ruchi Gupta:- I wasn’t good or passionate about cooking or baking. My husband got transferred to Delhi where I started attending cooking and baking workshops for fun. I have always been creative so I started making food more often and everyone in my family and friends appreciated it a lot. This gave me the strength and encouragement to start my cooking classes.

How was the feeling of winning the national leadership Award as a woman entrepreneur? What has been the most challenging part of your journey?

Ruchi Gupta:- I started with teaching cooking initially but soon developed a lot of interest in baking as I took few classes. Then I started with baking basic cakes and didn’t even realise how engrossed I became in learning the craft of baking exquisite baked goods as well as exploring the art of cake craft.

How exciting it was for you to win the title of ‘Best Home Chef Award 2019 Season 2’?

Ruchi Gupta:- I was thrilled and honoured to finally receive recognition for the years of hard work I have put into developing my craft with a lot of dedication and passion towards my love of baking.

How can you define the significance of ingredients in one line as per your love for cooking?

Ruchi Gupta:- Ingredients are an integral part of any cooked dish or baked goodie and the person in front will always know the difference in the use of ingredients. I always give utmost importance to the quality of ingredients before use.

Online classes are a quick choice for techno-savvy people. Do the online classes run by you help you in your work at a fast pace?

Ruchi Gupta:- An online platform has been a blessing in disguise. The day I understood the importance of online presence I started utilising the complete potential of various platforms. Yes, online classes have made the pace of my work faster as the reach has increased and lately more people have got to know me as well.

Although a lot of sugar proves to be harmful to health. But how do you find yourself as a sugar artist?

Ruchi Gupta:- Well, consuming anything in moderation is never harmful. I create sugar art which is mouthwatering and irresistible so you won’t be able to control yourself around it much. I always try to make things with less sugar or search for alternatives in the market.

Decorating a cake is as important as baking is. So, what do you keep in mind & take care of while decorating a cake?

Ruchi Gupta:- There are a lot of things I have to take care of while baking like how many kgs of cake does the client want as it would determine the baking and the pricing plays an important role in determining the work on the cake. We always try to make the most of the price.

According to you, why are fondant cake expensive and which decorative item makes it more attractive?

Ruchi Gupta:- Fondant cakes are handcrafted work which takes a lot of time, patience and dedication. It also affects health a lot. Well, a complete handmade figurine or a lot of intricate detailing demands a higher price for the same above reasons.

Apart from bakery products, which is your favourite cuisine that you love preparing for your family?

Ruchi Gupta:- My daughter loves to eat everything I make but she loves a variety of chaats and different state cuisines to name a few.