Flavour Wizard Nikita Shah, turns flavours into beautiful creations


How was the experience of making Rabdi Jalebi cake that sounds extremely delicious? What is your opinion on the trending fusion Indian mithai cakes? Which one is your favourite?

Nikita shah:- I love making each cake full of flavour turning into beautiful creations. Traditional cakes are always in trend. Rabdi Jalebi is one of them. Its ultimate fusion of Kesar sponge, Rabdi, Almonds with Jalebi chunks in every layer frosted with whipped cream and then beautifully decorated with dried rose petals and dry fruits like pistachios and almonds & topped with Jalebi gives a mind-blowing taste. My opinion on trending fusion Indian mithai cakes is they are a classic delight to any occasion instead of serving mithais. My favourite traditional cake is Ras malai cake. It’s completely drooling worthy.

How was the feeling of winning the national leadership Award as a woman entrepreneur? What has been the most challenging part of your journey?

Nikita shah:- Winning the National Leadership Award as a woman entrepreneur in “EXCELLENCE IN BAKING “was the best thing happened to me till now. I never thought this will come that early. I was published in insight success magazine this year as ‘woman entrepreneur 2020’ this was a turning point of life. Soon Team of National leadership Awards approached me and I was awarded on the precious day — Republic day i.e. 26 th January 2020. I feel super proud. Parents and husband are the biggest support. My Journey has always been a challenge at every step. Starting from quitting an Architecture job for taking care of my small kid and managing family. And then till now all alone doing cakes, managing deliveries. , facing ups and downs, everything was adventures and fun. When I found myself settled down in baking I started donating healthy bakes or needful things to orphanages from my earnings. And now I am helping lots of women to start up new businesses in what they are best or passionate about.

You are coming with Gulab Jambun Cake, Modak cake. Do you want to keep it traditional and how do you get the idea of making these traditional cakes?

Nikita shah:- These days birthdays and anniversaries are not only the occasion for cake. People are looking for something new during occasions at home! Here in Pune, Ganesha festival is celebrated with lots of joy, so instead of chocolates why not a modak cake as a Prasad and Gulab Jambun is favourite of all, so a celebration with a traditional Gulab Jambun cake on house warming, and various festivals are in trend nowadays. I don’t want to keep it traditional but I want customers to try with new flavours. Referring Pint rest and Facebook baking groups helps a lot to get amazing ideas for these traditional cakes, and being an architect I love designing each of them with my special touch.

How often do you paint Cake? Do you paint those own or you get instructions in your order? Is the cream used for painting Cake ifferent from other Cakes and which brand of cream do prefer to use while making the painting cake?

Nikita shah:- PAINTING on the cake is what I love the most! whenever customers leave a design on me I choose to paint. Anniversary cakes are often demanded painting. My passion towards cakes was doing something different, painting on cream cakes made the way and 3 years back when in cake-A-thon first season, everyone opted to paint on fondant, I was first to opt on cream, and I won the first position. The cream is absolutely the same I use for other cakes, only frosting time matters! Tropolite is amazing, it gives perfect texture and taste.

You have almost made a lot of Indian Mithai fusion cakes. is there any special connection or it goes with the trend?

Nikita shah:- People love them and don’t wait for an occasion to order it. So yes it completely goes with the trend.

What all flavours have you tried in your cake jar or jar deserts? Where do you get the best jars ( You can name the brand of the jar )? Are the jar deserts trending these days and what type of feedback you receive from your customers about jar deserts?

Nikita shah:- Jar deserts come in lots of flavours. I have tried with almost all fusion flavours and people love having seasonal fruits jar desserts too. Mango, Tiramisu, Traditional flavours, Chocolate mousse, Butterscotch Caramel, Red velvet are few of the flavours I love doing, they are super yummy! To buy best and affordable jars, crockery shops in the main local market of the city helps a lot. There is no specific brand. Absolutely! Jars are always in trend, whether in the form of return gifts or an addition to a special gift. Customers are happiest as jars fulfil their tummy in a lovely way.

How different is to make fault line cake as compared to drip cake and fondant cake?

Nikita shah:- The fault line is something very innovative than drip cake and fondant cake. There are various types of the fault line and they look amazing on all occasions starting from kids birthday to the big fat wedding. They are prettiest in every way.

Congratulations on winning the first prize in the cake- A- thon, please tell us what did you make in the competition and how did you feel when your name was announced?

Nikita shah:- Thank you so much! This is the second consecutive season I have won the first position at cake-A-thon for the same category – painting on the cake. I participated in cake painting, the theme was nature. I had only two hours to frost it and design it. I was inspired by the design of the painting cake made by _mac_baker from Russia. She is amazing. I made beautiful nature on one side and on another side I made factories and buildings with a powerful message to SAVE NATURE. Its Super memorable time when my name was announced. I felt completely thrilled nervous and happiest at that moment. I had experience from Cake-A-thon,I would like to share with you all .’’ Cake big / Small doesn’t matters, Creativity is what it takes to win a competition.’’

Do you prefer using cake mould / Chocolate mould and which is the best place to find the best mould?

Nikita shah:-Both moulds are absolutely in use, depending on design requirements and type of cake. Pune has good shops where we can find good moulds but for extraordinary ones, Amazon is the best place.