Rescuing Humanity


HospiBuz:- Humanity is above all and you have demonstrated this by denying the golden opportunity to have a lucrative career in Switzerland. At that time how difficult it was to take the decision?

Narayanan KrishnanMr. Narayanan Krishnan:- The sight of a very old man eating his own human waste to satisfy his hunger left me in shock. This incident made me stop and take stock of the poverty and the pain that my fellow human beings were experiencing in my own home town of Madurai.

On seeing this sight I had purchased some idlis from a nearby restaurant and saw the old man eating the idli within seconds.
The satisfaction I saw on the old man’s face upon consuming food was the single most important event that transformed my life and made me decide to take up “Helping the helpless” as my mission.

“It was a silent revolution of self-realization which made me think who am I? and what am I doing”. (which was so powerful a question and still that question is driving me towards this journey and joy of giving )

HospiBuz:- You are doing the selfless service and before that, you were associated with the big giants of the hospitality industry. Do big shots of the industry really come forward for the helping NGO’s like Akshaya Trust.

Narayanan KrishnanMr. Narayanan Krishnan:- It depends upon the management policy of each hotel. Certain hotels which are in metro or cosmopolitan cities do supply the excess food which gets left over in banquet.



HospiBuz:- In developing countries like India, how we can stop the food wastage from ground level?

Narayanan KrishnanMr. Narayanan Krishnan:- The youth has to be fully conscious about how the food-related items are been with great difficulty harvested and cultivated by the agriculturist.

It is also the responsibility of the hotels to have a portion control on every dish which is ordered.

To my understanding, the food wastage is been gradually reduced when compared to 5 years before.

HospiBuz:- Many times you witness that, no one come forward to help the needy because of there personal reasons. Society is going towards the direction which is lethal for Humanity. Don’t you think that the education system of the country is responsible for this?

Narayanan KrishnanMr. Narayanan Krishnan:- Selfishness in people should be controlled – people would have a broad mind like how our ancestor had.

The government is also responsible for this – they need to relax certain rules in many cases the public withdraw their support in addressing the social needs is because they are been questioned by the law for their involvement, at last, the person who wants to help ends up in trouble.

HospiBuz:- You have a vast experience of working in the Hospitality industry. Do you have any stats or data which portrays the accurate amount of food wastage in the Indian hospitality industry?

Narayanan KrishnanMr. Narayanan Krishnan:- In Madurai district – there are a lot of hotels, restaurants and marriage halls of all categories. On an average per day approx 4000 to 5000 person food is getting wasted and going to the garbage bins and drainage because there is no project to collect such excess food , recycle and give it to the needy.


HospiBuz:- What is the real meaning of Hospitality according to you? Does the Indian hospitality industry have the real essence of hospitality?

Narayanan KrishnanMr. Narayanan Krishnan:- The real meaning according to me for hospitality is to offer anything without any expectations – the Indian Hospitality Industry do play their role which is based on how much you pay.



HospiBuz:- What actually is needed to fill these internal gaps of the society?

Narayanan KrishnanMr. Narayanan Krishnan:- Unity, sincerity and a strong desire to help one and all




HospiBuz:- Any message you want to convey to the youth through our publication?

Narayanan KrishnanMr. Narayanan Krishnan:- Today’s youth have compassion and try to do what little you can to help others.

Even if it is a gentle touch to help heal someone, or just lending an ear to hear someone’s troubles.

Use any spare time you have to volunteer with some organizations that are helping others.

My only request for all the youngsters is they all should definitely donate at least 10 % of whatever they earn towards charity and spend their time with any organization they live nearer to.


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