Turning dreams into cakes


What motivated you to start Pretty Bliss Boutique Bakery and what is the best part of Pretty Bliss Boutique Bakery?

Preeti Rao:- My friend and I baked cupcakes at our corporate to raise funds for a charitable event. We were sold out on both the days and the event was a hit. We then were motivated to upgrade our baking skills and learn new techniques and ventured into cakes. We then started taking orders for office colleagues and soon baking turned into a passion for me. I started Pretty Bliss boutique bakery in 2013 and left my corporate job to pursue my passion. My family and friends Michelle and Andy were my pillar of strength and pushed me to pursue this dream. The best part about Pretty Bliss Boutique bakery is YOU DREAM IT WE DELIVER IT.

How is Pretty Bliss Boutique Bakery different from any other bakeries?

Preeti Rao:- Pretty Bliss Boutique bakery we customise every cake and order based on our clients’ requirement and ensure it brings a smile on their face and makes their event memorable. We bake homemade cakes using only the finest quality ingredients. 

As a baker, how different is baking and decorating a cake as compared to baking and decorating cupcakes?

Preeti Rao:- For me, baking is LOVE whether it is cupcakes or cakes. But technically Cakes do take a long time and require more details as compared to cupcakes and also depends on clients’ requirements. 

When creating a new dish, how do you assess what flavours will work together?

Preeti Rao:- We always do a tasting session with sometimes family members or my friends to take feedback on any new bakes.

What have been the challenges in opening a bakery and how did you overcome it? 

Preeti Rao:- There were many challenges at the beginning like working with a small oven, space, staff, time, etc. The only way to overcome these hurdles is not giving up and I am a strong believer of the Law of attraction.

How important is edible paint and colour for a baker and which brand’s edible paint and food colour you prefer the most? 

Preeti Rao:- Edible colours are very important to every baker as we use a lot of them in cakes that are customised whether cream or fondant. Baskervilles, Magic colours and Sugarin are my favourite colours and I would recommend that to every baker.  

What are 3 key ingredients your kitchen can never do without and what is your source of getting perfect ingredients? 

Preeti Rao:- Butter, Flour and Sugar 

What is the most challenging order you have received from a customer? 

Preeti Rao:- One of the challenging orders I can remember is baking 600 cupcakes and each one had to customised and delivered to the client within 24hrs of placing the order. So we got a team to do this and segregated the task to deliver it to the client. Our client was overwhelmed with the same.