Vinti Jajodia, carrying on a legacy


Vinti, how do you meet up to the desires of your customers at
‘Kanhai Creations’? What exactly is the idea behind this name of your venture?

Vinti Jajodia:Being a cake artist, first of all, it is very important to understand the customer’s requirement. We often meet clients who are either confused as to what they exactly want in a cake or how they want the cake to be designed. Some are not aware of the latest trends in cake artistry and some don’t know what theme would fit it for the party. We also get clients who exactly know what they want. In either of the cases, a proper in detail communication is very important between the customer and you. I make sure to give them an overview of the design depending on their requirement. We exchange detailed cake sketches with reference images and the final design is replicated on to the cake.
The name “Kanhai Creations” you can say is that I am carrying on a legacy. My mother, Namrata Jajodia started a small venture of Art & Crafts and Personalised gifting under this name. I felt I should carry it on by the same name with a different tag line of course. Gradually it became a little difficult to handle two different businesses via the same name hence, just 2 years before I have now changed the name to Cake O’ Love by Kanhai Creations. Keeping the legacy intact.

Your cakesicles look extremely creative. Where do you come up with these designs and are they difficult to make or not?

Vinti Jajodia:Thank you for your appreciation! Cake artistry is my forté. I love working with sugar paste and can spend hours to make a particular article in detail. I guess that is why my cakesicles look creative. I work a lot on miniature designs and cakesicles are hardly 4″ in size, now we can imagine the line of detailing that goes with it. I had bagged a gold prize at “Bakery Bizz – Professional Home Bakers Challenge – Cupcake Decorating” for the miniature designs that I created on cupcakes. Such designs can take 30-40mins on each cakesicle depending on the detailing so yes they are very difficult to make and time-consuming but the results are so worth it! The designs that I create are personalised as per the customer’s requirement.

You make quite huge cakes and that too layered. How do you
make sure that it doesn’t get spoilt as you get orders from far off places?

Vinti Jajodia:I would really like to thank my clients here who feel the confidence in my work and give me such opportunities. I will be honest, a while back making cakes above 2 tiers was such a nightmare for me but then gradually I understood the concept and science of creating tier cakes. When your basics are perfect then nothing can go wrong. Maximum of my tier cakes are made in fresh cream or ganache which are a little more difficult to deliver long distance due to the Mumbai roads and traffic. All my cakes up to 10 kilos go intact via car and above 10 kilos, assembling of a few tiers is done at the venue.

How often do you prepare the dessert boxes? How do you decide the price of the boxes?

Vinti Jajodia:Dessert boxes are now trending on all occasions and festivals. We all visit our relatives, friends and family and carry a box of sweets along as a gesture. This is where Dessert boxes come to the rescue. Dessert boxes usually have 4-5 assorted desserts like brownies, cupcakes, cakesicles, tea cakes, cake pops and so on which gives the customer a variety of desserts to try on and satisfy their taste buds concerning different flavour options in a dessert box. Price of the boxes is decided based on each of the dessert plus the box/tray plus added decor as per the occasion.

Do you conduct workshops for all the bakery products that you make? How far the response have you received for it?

Yes, I conduct workshops for all the bakery products that I make from Basics to Advance. Workshops are conducted in groups and on an individual basis. We have students coming from all over India to attend our workshops and I feel very privileged for it. I also upload YouTube videos of simple recipes for everyone who wishes to bake a simple cake or dessert at home. The response has been great so far so now I am extending my cake decorating workshops to online in a few months so that anyone from any part of the world can join them!

How is your ras malai cake different from the other bakers? What new did you try in desserts on this Holi?

Vinti Jajodia:Fusion cakes are loved by all and one of the best sellers here is Ras -malai and Gulab jamun- thandai. Rasmalai cake that we make are soaked in Kesar ras with pieces of fresh ras malai in the centre which makes the cake taste so traditional and rich. For Holi, we had our signature Gulabjamun-Thandai cupcakes which have a gulab jamun centre and is frosted with special kesar thandai frosting. We also had a Dessert box comprising of Cake jar, Cakesicle, Chocolate bar and Herbal gulaal.

How do you decide the themes for the cupcakes? What is so special about the bucket cake that you made?

Vinti Jajodia:All the themes and customisation on cupcakes is done as per the customer’s requirement. Cupcakes, as we know, are individual size portions hence we can work on a varied theme/design. All the themes are worked on in detail design. Bucket cakes that we make are curated on themes. Last I remember, 2 years back we had bucket cakes for sale during Diwali and it was aptly decorated with sutli bomb, phul jhadi and anar keeping the festive details in mind.

How was the experience of making the ‘Brownie Modake’? How important is a mould for the bakers and where do you purchase them?

Vinti Jajodia:Ganesh Chaturthi as we know is such a grand festival all around the nation and the most loved prasadam of bappa is Modak! Hence, 4 years back, I decided to give modak a twist and introduced “Brownie Modaks” which is brownie in the shape of modak with different flavour options and they became instantly popular. I make them in large numbers every year. Cake moulds, chocolate moulds, cupcake moulds, cakesicle moulds are all so important for every baker for they make your work easy. But now, there are so many different shape and size moulds available in the market that it is practically impossible to hoard them all. Hence, know your requirement and buy only what you require. Buying cake materials have now become very easy for we have so many bakery suppliers all around. I buy moulds from different local vendors as per the availability and my requirement.

Do you prefer using airbrush and its colour while doing cake
decoration and what is your favourite brand of airbrush and its colour?

Vinti Jajodia: Airbrush is one of my favourite tools in cake decorating. I feel it instantly lifts up the look of the cake giving it a depth look. Especially in cream cakes, darker colours such as red, navy blue require a lot of colours which may lead to a sour after taste. So here, the airbrush comes to your rescue. The above Harry potter cake is also airbrushed for the detailings. As of now, I am using a basic airbrush and airbrush colours but I really wish to own a Paasche talon airbrush someday!!