When a computer does not satisfy you, cooking does


How did you fall in love with cake decoration & baking?

Malvika Sharma:- First of all, I would like to mention that baking is not a hobby for me. It’s something that makes me immensely happy & it all started when I received unexpected appreciation in abundance from my friends for a cake I baked voluntarily for a get-together.

I always wanted to wear a chef’s hat & could never figure out how I was able to achieve 1st rank in my IT (engineering) batch (HaHa), & ended up working in an IT company for a while. But I never got the kick out of it.

It’s then when I thought, “Why not do something which makes me happy, which can be done for happy occasions & which makes people happy as well, & on top of all people would appreciate & praise me for what I do”.

Bake your Dreamz is about making happy occasions all the tastier & memorable by designing customized cakes for my customers, & giving them one more good reason to remember the celebration & cherish the moments forever.

What isyour flavour process for developing a new dish?Does it differ whether you’re developing something sweet vs. savoury?

Malvika Sharma:- I keep looking out for new flavours across different cities and it is one of the reasons why I love travelling across different cities.

Some of the best & mouth-watering baked products I have experienced are from cities like London & Paris.

I then try to improvise basis regional taste buds & test them out with friends & family & also at Food fairs.

What is Malvika Sharma’s signature flavour and dish?

Malvika Sharma:- My signature flavour and dish is Chocolate cake with white chocolate ganache filling, got crazy reviews and lemon cake with berry blast filling.

How did you get an idea of making Homemade marshmallows and please tell us the best compliment or appreciation you got for the marshmallows

Malvika Sharma:- I have always been a diehard fan of marshmallows and never give up a chance to try a new flavour when I get one. The idea of making home-made marshmallows came to my mind when my mother who is a pure vegetarian asked me if she could consume the ones available in the market. I realise that all market-based ones are based on meat-based Ingredients while I could make some at home which is made of veg gelatine and at the same time mouthwatering and taste like store-bought ones. I have uploaded a YouTube video on the same as sharing knowledge is one of my core philosophy is to bake your dreams.

Tell us what is your baking philosophy? What is your inspiration?

Malvika Sharma:- My baking philosophy is to serve the best quality baked products to our customers using the best in class ingredients available and being true to myself. Also never degrading your quality even if the price point seems high to a certain set of customers. My grandfather is my inspiration, he was into the restaurant industry. His hard work and passion for his work inspired me.           

How important is sugar paste and edible color for you while decorating the cake and which brand’s sugar paste and edible color do you like the most?

Malvika Sharma:- Sugar paste and edible colours are very important for every baker as it plays an important role in cake decorating. My favourite sugar paste brand is c-deco and I like confect too and in colours, I like Magic colours.