5 Everyday Sustainable Items You Can Switch to this Summer


In our second year of recovery from the pandemic, things seem to be getting back to normal. However, the focus is on sustainability as we look to reduce our environmental footprint in an effort to save the planet. But to make a real impact, we need to bring about a change in our daily habits. To do so, this summer you can switch to these 5 everyday-use sustainable items and make the earth a greener place.

Compostable Meal Plates Made of Sugarcane Waste

As the summer heat slowly picks up, pool parties are going to be a staple. But, using thermocol plates for your food can do more harm than good. Instead, this summer you can switch to sustainable ecoware meal plates made from bagasse (sugarcane waste). Further, these utilitarian meal plates are FDA-approved, free from any sort of carcinogens, microwaveable, freezable, and ovenable. The cherry on the cake is that they’re available widely on Zepto, Blinkit, Big Basket and Amazon. CHUK is one of the leading brands offering such ecoware plates on the same. Check them out and make your summer parties instantly sustainable.

Eco-friendly Sanitary Napkins Made of Cotton

It can take many centuries for sanitary napkins to decompose, and an average woman uses between 10,000 and 12,000 of them annually. It amounts to 250 cubic feet of waste in landfills per woman. If you’re someone who’s concerned about the environment, switching to eco-friendly sanitary napkins made from organic cotton could be a wise decision. These napkins have received certifications from organizations such as GOTS and ICEA, which guarantee that the cotton used is organic, from seed to final product. These pads are highly environmentally friendly and are produced without the use of harmful chemicals, toxins, or fragrances. The reason that cotton is used is because it is a naturally sustainable and hypoallergenic material that is also pH-compatible with sensitive vaginal skin.

Toothbrushes Cut out of Bamboo

If you’re trying to make a sustainable change in your life, you can make it an integral part of your daily routine. Ordinary toothbrushes can seem like a cost-effective alternative, that’s until you factor in the environmental cost. But, eco-friendly toothbrushes like the ones by Beeco, can help you reduce your environmental footprint immediately! They are 100% bamboo-based, with charcoal-infused bristles, and contain 0% plastic. Additionally, they’re safe for kids and pets, completely non-toxic, and eco-friendly!

Biodegradable Garbage Bags and Sustainable Toilet Cleaner

What’s a more direct approach than to change the materials you use for domestic waste disposal and cleanliness. Eco-friendly garbage bags are a biodegradable and recyclable option you can choose this summer. Their convenient size and affordable price make them a great choice. You can also get a plant-based enzyme toilet cleaner that freshens, shines, and protects against germs without harmful chemicals not only freshens up the toilet and provides a superior shine, but also offers strong protection against germs. They are known for their uniform coating and non-corrosive nature, and features such as neutral pH, no hydrochloric acid, bleach-free formula, and zero toxic fumes make it a safer choice for toilet cleaning.

Eco-friendly Tote Bags

Looking for a summer tote bag for your perfect summer outfit? Consider buying an eco-friendly tote bag for yourself. Made from 100% organic cotton, these bags help you reduce water consumption, land and soil acidity, and energy consumption. Using these bags will help you reduce your carbon footprint by 42%!

These bags use inks and dyes which are completely organic and completely azo-free, with no harmful chemicals at all!

“It is of supreme importance to us that the environment is taken care of, because the singular objective of the existence of Pakka is a cleaner planet. In our product development process, we ensure that we minimise waste generation. We’re steadily moving towards the goal of net zero carbon emission, aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals. Furthermore, we have also undertaken several steps through our CSR initiative Pakka Foundation, enabling us to work towards environmental upkeep in towns and villages around our factory premises. It is encouraging to see that days such as World Environment Day are gaining popularity and are being celebrated, as they help in increasing awareness about our environment.”

Jagdeep Hira, Business Head of Pakka Limited