50 Shades of Hummus at Rue Du Liban


Like many great foods, the hummus at South Bombay’s Levantine restaurant Rue Du Liban comes in multiple variations. Served with warm pita and garnishes like spiced meats and juicy mushrooms, hummus can be a substantial, soulful meal. Chef Devendra Khetle lays great emphasis on freshness, evident in the clear, pronounced chickpea flavour that comes through in every bite. 

If you like your hummus fuss-free, go for the classic Hummus (V) with comfortingly earthy flavours of garlic-and-lemon-infused tahini mixed with the puréed chickpeas and high-quality olive oil drizzled around a pocket of whole chickpeas. 

You could keep it basic but then you’d be missing a major part of Rue Du Liban’s appeal: the always interesting toppings that are unlike anything served at competing hummus spots. 

The Beiruty Hummus (V) is a burst of tangy flavours, garnished with marinated cherry tomatoes, spring onions, generously drizzled with parsley oil. Vegetarians can also pick from options like the Arnabit Hummus (V), pureed cauliflower & chickpeas topped with roasted cauliflower florets, tahini, pickled walnut salsa and olive oil or the Mushroom Hummus (V) topped with roasted mushrooms, parsley, dukkah and pine nuts. For those who enjoy rustic flavours, try the Pumpkin Hummus (V) with roasted pumpkin puree, topped with walnut salsa, green chilli pickles and sumac or the Beetroot Hummus (V) with roasted beetroot with tahini, topped with pistachio and olive oil. 

For those looking for meatier toppings, try the Lahme Hummus (NV) topped with minced lamb, pomegranate molasses and pine nuts or Lamb Shawarma (NV) topped with sautéed shawarma spiced lamb, biwaz, cherry tomatoes and tahini.

All plates of hummus are accompanied by an equally excellent pita that’s baked in-house, speckled from the oven, tender and fluffy.

Rue Du Liban

Hours: 7 pm to 1 am, Monday to Sunday

Address:  43, Sassoon Building, VB Gandhi Marg, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai- 400023

Tel: +91 7045000015 / 022 22864444