6 Delectable Treats to Brighten Your Holi Celebration


Holi, a beloved festival heralding the arrival of spring, is a jubilant celebration of colors cherished throughout the nation with great fervor. It’s that time of the year when jubilation eclipses all else in life, and the sole focus is on reveling in the festival’s joyous moments with loved ones.

In India, where celebrations are synonymous with culinary delights, Holi is no exception. Amidst the vibrant swirls of gulal, the desire for refreshing beverages and delectable snacks naturally arises. While India’s culinary landscape varies from region to region, certain delicacies are universally relished during this festive occasion. Let’s explore the top six mouthwatering treats that infuse color into your Holi festivities.

Thandai is an indispensable Holi delight, a beverage that sets the perfect tone for festive gatherings. As Holi ushers in the transition from spring to summer, this refreshing concoction from Bikano becomes a quintessential offering for guests and loved ones, not only during the festival but also throughout the sweltering months of summer.

Dahi Bhalle, a delightful amalgamation of yogurt and spices, holds a special place in every household’s culinary repertoire. Whether paired with tangy green chutney or sweet tamarind chutney, this beloved dish never fails to captivate hearts. Indulge in its savory goodness after a spirited morning of frolic in the sun, and rejuvenate yourself with this irresistible delicacy.

Amidst the colorful revelry, every Indian craves for an array of crunchy snacks, and what better epitomizes them than bhujia. Treat your guests to the spicy and crunchy delights of Bikanoo Aloo Bhujia or the mouthwatering Bikano Bikaneri Bhujia, and witness them savoring every bite with delight. These savory treats not only stand as perfect accompaniments to your Holi celebrations but also double up as excellent garnishes for bhel or chaats, available in an assortment of flavors such as chutney, nimboo, and more.

Indulge in the delightful burst of flavors offered by the delicious Puran Polis—a culinary delight that simply cannot be overlooked. This scrumptious dish, both light and satisfying, is a breeze to prepare. Stuffed with a delightful mixture of chana dal and sugar, its unique blend of sweet and savory flavors is sure to captivate your taste buds and leave everyone craving for more with every single bite.

Embracing ghujiya, a traditional Indian sweet, is like welcoming a burst of joy into your palate. This delectable treat, often enjoyed during festivals like Holi, is a symbol of celebration and togetherness. Its crispy, golden shell filled with a sweet, aromatic mixture is a delightful indulgence for all occasions.

Youngsters often prefer milkshakes over a traditional glass of thandai. Why not treat your younger guests to the luscious Bikano Badam flavored drink? This delightful beverage strikes the perfect balance between Indo-Western flavors and is sure to captivate not only the children but also their parents. Additionally, badam milkshakes complement the rest of your menu seamlessly, providing another refreshing option alongside sherbets and thandai in the realm of cold beverages.

As you embark on your Holi festivities, these delectable treats are sure to elevate the celebration to new heights of joy and indulgence. So gather your loved ones, revel in the vibrant colors of the season, and savor each delightful bite and sip. Here’s to a Holi filled with laughter, love, and unforgettable culinary delights!