A Chef from his own Kitchen


HospiBuz:- The world of culinary is both science as well as an art. Please tell us, what inspired you to enter the culinary world?

Chef Rahul Wali:- My Uncle who himself is an IHM Pusa pass out inspired me to join this industry. But cooking food as a passion came from my grandmother and mother.


HospiBuz:- You have worked both in India and abroad. No matter where we are the essence of Indian food always remains in our hearts, Please tell us one thing about India and Indian Hotel kitchen of that you missed outside the country?

Chef Rahul Wali:- To be honest it’s not much of a difference working In India and abroad. The only difference is the work environment in India is a bit casual whereas abroad it was more professional.


HospiBuz:- You have worked with many luxurious hotels and their breakfasts are lavish to another level. Chef, please tell us how is the menu designed and what steps are taken to avoid food wastage?

Chef Rahul Wali:- Menu planning is at its best when we keep in mind the geographic location, local produce, seasonal produce and of course the cultural part of your guests staying at the hotel. To avoid wastage Stick to basics of the recipe and try to use most parts of the ingredients to make less wastage.

HospiBuz:- What is the best part of being a chef?

Chef Rahul Wali:- The part of being a Chef for me is you get to meet so many people from different walks of life, so many cultures and it’s neverending learning for a Chef.


HospiBuz:- How important is teamwork in a hotel kitchen?

Chef Rahul Wali:-Very important. Teamwork makes you the best leader and a responsible chef. Without teamwork you cannot achieve your goals.


HospiBuz:- One line for Rahul’s kitchen?

Chef Rahul Wali:- Simple and Homecoming food.

HospiBuz:- One training in the culinary institutes, that you think is most helpful to the aspiring chefs?

Chef Rahul Wali:- One needs to understand the cuts of vegetables and meats before they lay their hands on a cooking pan. I think culinary institutes should train their students to be cooks first and not call themselves chefs.

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