A Conversation with Chef Navdeep Rawat


HospiBuz:- Chef, what inspired you to enter the Hospitality Industry?

Chef Navdeep Rawat:- I think when I was in class 10th for the first time I watched cookery show so from that time I decided that I will do hotel management and will become a chef.


HospiBuz:- When cooking Indian dishes in International kitchens, how do you manage to get the ingredients and raw materials?

Chef Navdeep Rawat:- It’s very hard to arrange the same spices and products in the market.



HospiBuz:- What is the first thing that you do when you enter a kitchen?

Chef Navdeep Rawat:- The first thing is black coffee in the morning and always have in my mind that I will learn at least one recipe or about the ingredients


HospiBuz:- What is your success mantra?

Chef Navdeep Rawat:- Learn always from your juniors and seniors, always smile and be punctual.



HospiBuz:- Chef, please tell us about the training you get in hotels?

Chef Navdeep Rawat:- First, I did my training in Oberoi new Delhi in Indian banquets and pantry it’s like my first time when I entered in professional kitchens then I join as job trainee in Renniasance Lucknow by Marriott.

There I learnt about the proper Awadhi cuisine and about the dum pukht and presently I am handling a breakfast executive lounge as a commis in Sofitel Dubai

HospiBuz:- How do you define cooking? Is it a passion or a profession for you?

Chef Navdeep Rawat:- Cooking is the easiest thing in the world only you need love and care for cooking, both passion and profession and the best thing about food is that it connects the people



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