A Conversation with mixologist, Mr. Monish Raj


Q1. What are the key dialogues you use while communicating with the customers?

Mr. Monish Raj :-

Welcome to Brahma brews , what drink would you take today 

How is the concoction 

Q2. As a bar manager at Brahma Brews, Bangalore what responsibilities do you possess?

Mr. Monish Raj :- I will have to take care of entire beverage department, creating new cocktails and updating the bar menu, training of staff on beverages, handling all the liquor deals.

Q3. What is the weirdest thing people have left at your bar?

Mr. Monish Raj :- women bags, clutches  and jackets 

Q4. What would you recommend as an After- Dinner Drink?

Mr. Monish Raj :- Absent , a nice seed lip martini for non alcoholic drinkers 

Q5. Share an experience when you successfully learned a new piece of equipment?

Mr. Monish Raj :- When I learnt to use the sous vide machine to infuse my alcohol , most fun part to maintain the temperature according to the flavors we are infusing .

Q6. What are your worst mixing combinations?

Mr. Monish Raj :- When one of my guest had asked me to make a drink with Indian mango pickle with chilli powder rim .

Q7. What’s the biggest Bar tab you’ve ever witnessed?

Mr. Monish Raj :- We had a coustmer billing up to 20k and trying to run away