A Guardian of Radisson Blu

Mr Harpreet Vohra General Manager

HospiBuz:- You have experience of almost 20 years in the industry. Sir, please tell us about the evolution which you have seen in all these years in this dynamic hospitality industry?

Mr. Harpreet Vohra:- Over a period of time with the availability of internet, marketing has led to increased competition and has created pressure on room rates. The profit margins have decreased due to higher commission amounts to all these online travel agents and increases in operating costs such as workforce, and the increased amenities demanded by consumers.

The traditional marketing like using the billboards, print media and TV ads has been replaced by digital formats like Social Media, Social networking and Google ads and etc.

There is a major change in consumer behaviour as well. Today’s consumer is well educated and sophisticated. The consumer is well aware and research online, understand their options before booking the hotel. The consumer expects more services and amenities at the lower cost.

HospiBuz:- Being the pre-opening General Manager of Radisson Blu Faridabad, you have seen it taking birth and growing beautifully. Sir, please tell us about the importance of planning & conceptualization in a hotel?

Mr. Harpreet Vohra:- To develop a brand, planning the process of developing a plan, guideline or roadmap for your hotel, which is based on its mission, vision, values and stated goals and objectives, which indicates the specific strategies and tactics or actions that will be taken to achieve these goals.

HospiBuz:- Apart from Radisson Blu, you have worked with luxury brands like Taj, Hyatt and Oberoi where indeed hospitality is at its next level. Being associated with such brands, sir please tell us what creates a major difference between hospitality and remarkable hospitality?

Mr. Harpreet Vohra:- The art of hospitality lies in approaching and not getting approached. Remarkable hospitality to me means pre-empting guest needs before he approaches you. Giving the guest a true essence of luxury, care & warmth. Giving them a true home away from home experience. My experience with Radisson has been a remarkable one in itself. It has been a journey full of lessons & learnings. Hospitality is all about creating an experience which the guest remembers! Delivering over and above what is expected and creating wow moments for people is what makes a hotel, remarkable. Which we @ Radisson strongly believe in.

HospiBuz:- Radisson Blu has a “Yes, I can.” ethos. Please tell us about it?

Mr. Harpreet Vohra:- Yes, I Can! Spirit of hospitality which enables me and my team to create Memorable Moments not only for our guests but also for our investors.

HospiBuz:- You are associated with Radisson Blu since its pre-opening. Please tell us what challenges do the team needs to face when opening a new hotel?

Mr. Harpreet Vohra:- Planning and execution of the plan is the biggest challenge is to manage the budget and make sure all equipment needed to operate the hotel is purchased in a timely manner. This budget must includes all the aspects of the hotel like general interior design of the hotel, including essential items such as glass and silverware, linen, kitchen utensils, bars utensils, china, uniforms, engineering tools and chemical supplies, also some printed materials such as menus, and other food & beverage operating supplies. 

Keep a check on the other aspects at the same time and look for the advertisement, manpower, marketing, and other departments. 

HospiBuz:- Budget Hotels were underestimated by some big brands but today they are giving equal competition in the market. What is your take on it?

Mr. Harpreet Vohra:- Budget hotels have their own market. Like it is said, Budget hotels may give you prim & proper accommodation, but it can’t give you an experience. Hence it is not wise to compare necessity with luxury. 

HospiBuz:- One line for Radisson Blu?

Mr. Harpreet Vohra:- A place where we believe everything is possible. We deliver memorable moments every day, everywhere, every time!