A Very Happy International Milk Day


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Eat one gooseberry (Amla) every day
One apple a day keeps the doctor away
Have a handful of nuts every day
Eat five servings of fresh vegetables a day.

Do these things are actually enough for a Healthy Body?
Really not enough because it excludes MILK which is an essential part of a diet starts from human birth.
When we think of milk the first thing which comes to our mind is fond memories of our childhood. There used to be a time when our mothers were after our lives to have milk and we wouldn’t, as usual. There are different kinds of Milk nowadays Toned Milk ,Double toned milk, standardised milk, full cream milk, then there is milk produced by Animals cow milk, Buffalo milk, Goat milk, sheep milk, camel milk, then there is milk extracted from Plants also like Almond milk, Coconut milk, cashew nuts etc..

Many people confuse Veganism with Vegetarianism. Swinging between health trends and animal rights veganism differs from vegetarianism. Veganism is discarding all animal products including milk, egg, and fabric like silk & wool and leather goods. Indian is ‘milkoholic’ so can Indians change their mindset and opt for veganism?

The Trend Nowadays is changing
The Number of vegans is on the up
A vegan diet involves cutting out animal products like meat, fish, dairy, and eggs. According to the latest research by the Vegan Society, conducted in 2016, there are estimated to be around 540,000 vegans in Great Britain.

Now let’s have Quick eye on some unique things related to MILK

1. 65% of the milk consumption worldwide is from goat’s milk.

2. Whale’s milk has 30-50% fat content and is often referred to as having a tooth paste-like consistency.

3. Putting a frog in the milk was an ancient Russian way of keeping milk from going sour. By studying this method, scientists have identified a wealth of new antibiotic substances.

4. People who drink whole milk are less likely to be fat than those who consume low-fat milk.

5. The word ‘Amul’ was suggested in 1957 by a chemist at the laboratory. It comes from a Sanskrit word “Amoolya” which means priceless. It also stood as an acronym for Anand Milk Union Limited.