ACCI Youth Wing organizes Tourism Conclave in Port Blair with an aim to promote sustainable tourism


The Youth Wing of Andaman Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) organized a massive “Tourism Conclave” in the City of Port Blair on October 3rd, 2023 at TSG Emerald View Hotel. The conclave witnessed a robust gathering of representatives from hotel and restaurant industry from across Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

This conclave was organised with an aim to discuss and educate the audience on the various sustainable practices in the tourism industry and to act as a platform for collaborations and partnerships that aim to promote responsible hospitality and tourism in A&N Islands.

The welcome address was delivered by the President of ACCI Youth Wing Mr. Farhan Jadwet and later the conclave was officially inaugurated by the Chief Guest Smti. Nandini Maharaj, IAS, Special Secretary, IP&T, A&N Administration with a lamp lighting ceremony.

This was followed by an award giving ceremony in which the prominent stakeholders who have contributed in sustainable tourism were felicitated.

The day witnessed exchange of ideas, meaningful conversation that in a longer run would contribute to the advancement of tourism industry in A&N Islands.

Smt. Nandini Maharaj, in her address highlighted the unique qualities of Andaman & Nicobar Islands as a destination for sustainable and eco tourism. She also put forth the initiatives taken by A&N Administration for improving the tourism industry in A&N Islands.

The conclave also featured key panel discussions on various topics. The experts shared their insights to promote sustainability and responsible business practices for a greener future.

Panel Session I focused on “Sustainable Tourism and Green Investment.” This discussion was hosted by Mr. Ebrahim Jadwet, Director, ANEMCO and the Panel Members included Mr. Ramakrishna, Assistant Director, India Tourism, Mr. Anil Kumar, GM, CGH Earth, Mr. Mohd. Sajid, MD, Andaman Escapades, Mr. Arun Singh, President, Avians Club and Mr. Mukeshwar Lal, a renowned Film Maker and Historian. The discussion revolved around promoting sustainability in investment decisions, policies on green tourism and waste management etc.

Panel Session II tackled the theme of “Tourism in Andamans Issues and Future ”. This discussion was hosted by Mr. Dakshin Bhasker, Director, TSG Hotels and Resorts and the Panel Members included Mr. M. Vinod, Member, LG Advisory Committee, Mr. Mohd. Parvez, GM, ANIIDCO, Mr. Girish Arora, Former President, ACCI, Mr. C.S Ashok, Director, Makruz and Mr. V.V Singh, Pilot, Pawan Hans. The Experts explored approaches to improve tourism in A&N Islands by making tie-ups with international countries like Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand etc and tackling the issues such as connectivity problem, high air fares, unavailability of adequate helicopters, cruise ships and sea planes in the Inter-Island sector.

Finally, the programme was concluded with a vote of thanks proposed by Mr. Ayush Kandoi, Member, AICC Youth Wing.

The Tourism Conclave organized by ACCI Youth Wing is the first of it’s kind in Andaman & Nicobar Islands and provided a platform for in-depth discussions on pressing issues faced by the tourism industry in A&N Islands while also encouraging businesses to embrace sustainability and responsible practices to create a greener and socially conscious future.