All natural Chyawanprash to Power Immune to Chai Masala to Healthy Flours, here’s the whole range of Secret Immune Boosters by The Mumma Secret!


100% natural and organic products rich with vitamins and minerals

Over 30 organic and all-natural products available

Mumbai, Sept 2020: Immunity has become a popular catchphrase during the COVID-19 crisis and maintaining the body’s defence through food and herbal concoctions or even serious lifestyle changes is the number one priority. With that “Mumma knows best” the eternal old saying stands true on all counts as we look for our mother whenever we are not well or we are just feeling low. The COVID 19 pandemic has made us realise the importance of eating healthy and eating immunity-boosting food and with the advent of rainy season boosting her family’s immunity is the key for any mother. Indore based, The Mumma Secret, have launched their specially curated homemade, 100% natural and organic products rich with vitamins and minerals and made with age-old recipes which were shared from generation to generation. The consumption of immunity-boosting foods has shot up by 20-40 per cent, demand for such products have increased six-fold, particularly for vitamin C and ayurvedic home remedies. The Mumma Secret has a wide range of 30 products to choose from which includes Chyawanprash to Nut Butters to Organic Health Flour and festive Gift Hampers.

Our immune system is the first line of defense, which plays a vital role in keeping the disease-causing pathogens away from us, thereby reducing the chances of getting sick. The Mumma Secret has specially curated Chyawanprash and Power Immune which provides that much needed extra boost to our immune system. “Power Immune” a 100% natural immunity booster made from Amla, Tulsi, Haldi and more, prepared without sugar, Power immune is diabetic friendly and filled with Vitamin C, Antioxidants, helps in digestion. Power Immune can be used by diabetic individuals as it does not contain sugar. Age-old Chyawanprash is back in trend and The Mumma secret has a blend of 51 herbs and spices which include Amla, Ashwagandha, Giloy, Bhrami, Neem, Shatavari and is an ancient remedy to boost the immunity. Daily consumption of Chyawanprash helps enable the body to fight the diseases which occur during the monsoon season and help combat the current pandemic as well. They also have specially formulated gluten and sugar free Chai Spice Granola that is made with all-natural Nuts and Amaranth, for the chai lovers, the fresh Artisan Chai Masala rejuvenates the body, helps build immunity and also tastes good.

Shrijika Parikh Agrawal Founder The Mumma Secret shared, “We all know that prevention is better than cure and in the existing situation it is wise to take preventive measures to boost our immunity. As a mother I try to give my best to my son and family, it is the same feeling with which I want to keep on making new ideas and concepts for TMS Kitchen. All the products that we make are 100% natural, preservative free with no added sugar, oils etc. It is this purity of the produce, love and care used which is the key for The Mumma Secret products to be loved by all. The current range of 30 products is quite diverse and will cater to all age groups.”

With the surge in demand for Health food, The Mumma Secret has a whole plethora of products like organic Peanut Butter, Almond Butter, Choco Hazelnut Butter- which is a healthy alternative for Nutella, along with Jams, Garam Masala, Tomato Ketchup, and many more.. The Mumma Secret also has 3 health flours: Sattu, Sattu Maavu (Health mix) for kids and Organic Sprouted Ragi flour which has 3 times more Calcium than milk.

The Mumma Secret products can be delivered to major cities of India (Mumbai, New Delhi, Pune, Jaipur, Indore, etc) and slowly reaching to other cities around the country.