Amuse the millennials!


HospiBuz Desk

“The youth is the true hope”

The term millennial is often referred to the individuals who were born in the mid-1990s and early 2000s. They are often termed as the MTV generation. Millennials were the ones who experienced the emergence of music videos and the MTV channels.

Keeping it simple, the millennials (also known as generation X)is the young generation of the current scenario.G eneration x is better educated and more tech-savvy than their predecessors. They are well informed. Marketing bluff is not a card to be played with them. They are the ones who changed many aspects of life. May it is trends, technology, management or food. This generation is THE FOODIE. They love food.

Youngsters play an integral role in deciding the present, and the future of any hotel. Youngsters are a huge consumer base to any hotel or restaurant and it is vitally important to serving them RIGHT. The food outlets should know how to tackle the new minds how to serve it just right to the millennials. And these points, are a cheat sheet for any hotel.

It’s all about the health: youngsters love food, but the hogging food is a big no-no for them. They believe in healthy indulgence and prefer to eat right. They prefer to eat healthily, rather than eating much and losing weight. These young consumers brought the trends of vegan, gluten-free, paleo in the hotel industry. So the hotel should have a good spread of healthy and tasty products at the same time, in their menu.

Food is the king: SERVE DELICIOUS. Any excuse wouldn’t work!!! You have to serve it well. Millennials have a lot of food options. You don’t serve well, they have 100 different places to go to. The food they buy depicts their personality. Your food should show a sense of design and creativity.

What’s the new: millennials have food desires that transform hastily. From “all-time favorites” to “what’s new in the menu”, they do it all. The hotels should be ready to serve the on-demand desires and should be updated with the new favorites of this smart generation.

Fast, fast, fast: this generation has no time in hand. They are always running for something, from something to something. They want to achieve so much, they are always in hustle-bustle. They do not have time to dine out or to have lazy brunches. Food outlets should have ready-to-go packages exclusively for them. These packed products should be made with fresh ingredients. The food should not lose its nutrient value and should be feasible to consume.

Technology buzz: as mentioned earlier, millennials are highly tech-savvy people. How will they get to know about your new dish? How will they know you opened a new outlet? Youngsters are always online. The powerful online brand promotion will highly influence the preferences and orientation of these youngsters. So if you have a hotel and your primary market audience are youngsters, then your brand should shine more on the internet than in real life. Internet will not only list your venture, but it will also enable youngsters to indirectly promote your hotel with views, photos, and recommendations.

The hashtag life: food is a major part of any social life. As for youngsters, if your food is genuinely good, you trend. Millennials constantly thrive hard to redefine their lifestyle. Eating proves to be a major event. Food with friends,  family, colleagues is a facebook, snapchat or Instagram story. Your serves should be share-worthy. Youngsters should be keen to show your dishes on their social feeds.

Serving millennials is never easy. Restaurants should try to go out of their comfort zone. Try new dishes on the menu, built new marketing strategies. Let these youngsters decide what they want and how they want it. Cut the casual.