An aromatic journey of Dubai coffee museum….


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If you are an avid lover of caffeine, then you definitely should visit this amazing and exotic museum named as “Dubai’s Coffee Museum” in Bur Dubai. The proper address of this unique museum of coffee is Villa 44, Al Fahidi historical neighbourhood, Bastakiya, Dubai (United Arab Emirates).

For most of the Indian population, Tea is being their first priority over any other drinks and actually, tea is their first love. In for them, ‘Chai’ is just more than a cup of tea to start an important conversation, to start their day and also to enjoy particular seasons like monsoon and winters. Just like ‘Chai’ in our country, this caffeine drink i.e. Coffee holds a lot of significance in the Middle East (a transcontinental region centered on Western Asian countries, Turkey and Egypt), then you should not better get surprised if you find a dedicated museum for coffee somewhere in the Middle East.

This coffee museum marks the very long-lasting trust with coffee of the country. Dubai’s Coffee Museum will first introduce you to its shops, where you can find amazing things such as personal hand grinders for coffee beans and coffee mugs from the different countries and antiques to take home. At the entrance of this museum, you will find a damn beautiful lady wearing traditional Egyptian outfit, serving popcorns and coffee to the visitors.

Basically, Dubai’s coffee museum is divided into two major parts i.e. ground floor and first floor. At the ground floor, you can find a room full of western antiques and a corner purely dedicated to coffee displaying the different types of coffee from the different parts of the world. At the first floor of this museum, you can find an Egyptian corner which tells us about the origin and history of coffee. You can also find a proper coffee café in this museum, to enjoy the aromatic taste of coffee and some delicious snacks out there.


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• Coffee is a brewed drink prepared from roasted coffee beans. 

• Coffee was discovered by shepherds in Ethiopia Circa in 800 A.D.

• Coffee is considered as ancient drink worldwide.  

• South American Country ‘Brazil’ grows the most coffee of the world.  

• Finland is the world’s most caffeinated country. 

• The word ‘Coffee’ is derived from an Arabic word for ‘wine’.