An extra zing to your wedding


Hospitality Lexis had a conversation with Executive Sous Chef Shibendu Ray of Renaissance Mumbai to know about the latest trends in Wedding Cakes. 

Hospitality Lexis/ Print edition December 2019 

The traditional wedding cake has now become a staple at any Indian wedding. People today have gone far ahead of simple fruit cakes; the wedding cake not only signifies grandeur but at the same time reflects your personality or wedding style, making the experience all the more special. The cake creates the perfect photo opportunity for the bride and groom taking the centre stage. As complicated and outrageous it may sound, the wedding event theme, colour schemes, outfits, floral arrangements all influence the design of a wedding cake served at an Indian wedding. The style and taste of your wedding cake are incredibly important.

With modern culinary trends coming up, people have moved away from the conventional white fondant cakes. We have seen an uprising in the types of thematic cakes like Nude cakes, chalkboard finishes, a deconstructed cupcake, doughnut or profiterole towers which have come up since people like to curate cake designs according to the theme of their events. In addition, people are more attracted to fresh flowers rather than fondant flowers for their cakes. Some of the most elegant cakes, however, are being designed as marbled cakes, hand-painted cakes and geode cakes which break the rules of a conventional wedding cake.

As far as flavours are concerned, fruit-based wedding cakes with clean and classic white icing was often the norm at weddings, however, flavours have evolved with time. Nowadays, multi-tiered cakes with various flavours are becoming increasingly popular with couples. Most popular classical flavours are chocolate hazelnut, red velvet, carrot cake, salted caramel whereas the modern wedding clients are wandering into new grounds with flavours like strawberry lemon, key lime, coffee and cream, peanut butter. Another trend is to spike your traditional cakes with flavoured alcohol like Sambucca, Grand Marnier, Bailey’s which adds an extra zing to your wedding!