Another unique beverage from Dr. Bubbles, ‘No Caffeine’ – Green Coffee


BANGALORE, India – June 6, 2018, How would you like it if your coffee contains no caffeine, is safe for all age groups and is absolutely delectable? From the house of Dr. Bubbles comes another unique beverage: this time it is a refreshingly soothing Bubble Coffee.

Bubble Coffee is an amalgamation of beautiful flavors with the base of a green coffee rather than black coffee. Green coffee, that is the newest addition to weight loss regimes, is known to help in boosting metabolism and is also good for skin and hair. For people who enjoy their coffee as a fun drink, Green coffee works best because it is not roasted, contains no caffeine and is not at all bitter.

Dr. Bubbles came up with the idea of adding Green Coffee to its array of brews because it is entirely safe and can be consumed not just by youngsters, but even children. Green Coffee is also believed to reduce sugar cravings, contains antioxidants, boosts energy, are a natural detoxifier and an appetite suppressant. What makes Green Coffee so desirable is the fact that it comes with all the perks of regular coffee complete with the full flavor, taste, and aroma but has zero bitterness and zero caffeine.

Bubble Coffee will be served at all Dr. Bubbles outlets in the form of iced coffees that enhance the taste and lend the drink an invigorating flavor. It will come with toppings similar to their legendary Bubble Tea that garnered an immense fan following since its debut in Mumbai in 2015. Dr. Bubbles is one of the first refreshment chains to experiment with Green Coffee and introduce the country’s favorite beverage in a new avatar. Bubble Coffee will come in as many as 20 different and exclusive flavors including cranberry, kalakhatta and many others plus it is topped with inimitable additions.

Speaking about the latest addition to its repertoire of exotic drinks, Mr. Adnan Sarkar, Founder, Dr Bubbles said, “We love the idea of Green Coffee because it is coffee in its best form minus all the negatives like presence of caffeine and the bitterness. Our Bubble Teas have become hugely popular; hence we decided to experiment with some unique flavours in the coffee segment as well. Since our regular customers are youngsters, we thought that it would be great to come up with a drink that has all the taste of coffee, but is entirely safe for all ages.”

The inimitable chain opened its first branch in 2015 in Mumbai’s Bandra suburb offering more than 20 varieties of Bubble Tea and has 32 operational stores Pan India and growing with a target of 50 stores operational by year end. Dr Bubbles entered into Bengaluru with the first

store operational now in Jayanagar and now looking to expand aggressively through Company outlets and the Franchise route.