Ayushmann Khurrana Unveils CG Foods Delicious WAI WAI Noodle Flavors: Seasoned Masala Noodles & 2x Spicy Dynamite Range


20th March, 2024, Delhi: CG Foods, owned by Nepal’s only dollar billionaire Dr. Binod Chaudhary, is all set to disrupt $1.88-billion instant noodle market in India. Chaudhary Group (CG), a diversified multinational conglomerate, announces the launch of two innovative noodle variants, SMN (Seasoned Masala Noodles) and Dynamite (Korean Super Spicy Range).

Ayushmann Khurrana Champions the Bold Flavours of SMN (Seasoned Masala Noodles)

The beloved Bollywood star and heartthrob of the millennials, Ayushmann Khurrana, endorses the “Masale Pe Masala” Seasoned Masala Noodles, an inventive take on the classic Ready-To-Eat (RTE) Brown Noodles. The SMN range is a flavourful adventure, packing seasoning and extra dehydrated veggies into a true value-for-money meal. Available in three pocket-friendly price points — Rs 15, Rs 20, and a Rs 90 six-in-one pack — SMN caters to diverse consumer needs because of its mild spicy appeal.

Dynamite: A Spicy Ode to Korean Flavours

The “Dynamite” range, known as the “Spice Blitz Noodles”, is a fiery tribute to Korean cuisine with a desi twist, a happy blend of Sichuan Pepper and Korean Chilli in vegetarian variants, and Xtra Spicy Chicken and The Himalayan Hot Chicken in non-vegetarian options. Initially launched to cater to the palate of consumers in North-east India, the inclusion of the world-renowned Ghost Pepper or Bhut Jolokia — the hottest chilli in the world — in the Dynamite range is CG Foods’ innovative response to the growing demand for spicy flavours and the ever-increasing popularity of Korean cuisine.

“We’re excited to unveil our latest noodle innovations: Seasoned Masala Noodles (SMN) & Dynamite Range. We’re a firm believer in offering unique culinary delights to our customers at regular intervals. Endorsed by Ayushmann Khurrana, these new flavours seek to tap into the vibrant palates of millennials and Gen Z. Our latest offerings will further establish WAI WAI as an innovative, consumer-centric brand. They are perfectly aligned with the tastes and lifestyles of our consumers of varying age groups.”

Varun Chaudhary, Managing Director, CG Foods

“I am delighted to partner with Wai Wai, a brand distinguished by its dynamic and eclectic product portfolio. Wai Wai’s exceptional range of noodles, designed to cater to a wide array of tastes, preferences, and regional flavours have struck a big chord with the consumers. It’s a brand that consistently lives up to its reputation by offering such a vibrant and diverse selection.”

Ayushmann Khurrana

Manvendra Amber Shukla, Global CEO CG Foods, weighed in on the brand’s legacy.

“WAI WAI is not just a brand; it’s a journey down memory lane for our loyal customers. At the heart of our growth lies innovation, seamlessly blending tradition with the pulse of contemporary palate. Our latest creation, the flavorful SMN pack, endorsed by the charismatic Ayushmann Khurrana, marks a new chapter in our quest to delight the evolving palate of our consumers. Witnessing the meteoric rise of the Korean noodles segment in India from a mere Rs 2 crore in 2021 to an impressive Rs 65 crore in 2023, we’re inspired to bring our own twist to the table with ‘Dynamite.’ This venture not only introduces a fiery Korean flavor but also expands our horizons with a diverse range of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. We’re excited to spice up the noodle market and can’t wait to see our cherished customers, old and new, relish these awesome flavours.”

WAI WAI is growing at a breakneck speed in over 46 countries across Asia, Europe and Africa. CG Foods, a pioneer in the $70-billion food industry in India and a part of CG Corp Global, reinforces its commitment to innovation and quality through its seven manufacturing units in the country coupled with its multiple production facilities in Nepal, Serbia, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, and Egypt