Bake Naturally Leavened Sourdough at The Classroom by La Folie



·         Learn to make and maintain sourdough starter

·         Make a classic sourdough boule

·         Make crackers, sandwich loaf and focaccia from sourdough


Are you curious about recreating your favorite pillow-soft country bread with a deliciously crackling crumb? The Classroom at La Folie has you covered with Dr Chandini Sethi Shah’s baking lesson for sourdough bread. Naturally leavened and slow-fermented, sourdoughs is one of the healthiest and oldest methods to prepare breads. Participants at the class will learn all about making and maintaining a sourdough starter and also get hands-on experience with kneading and shaping a classic sourdough boule. Apart from covering basics, the class will also equip students with directions, tips and tricks to make sourdough crackers, a sourdough sandwich loaf, and focaccia along with the health benefits of sourdough vis-à-vis regular yeasted breads.

The Classroom by La Folie: The Classroom by La Folie is custom-designed to create an ideal ambience for learning and discovering nuances of the culinary arts. With a cheerful classroom vibe, the space is equipped with the finest professional appliances and cooking stations to accommodate 16 participants in a hands-on class. The Classroom by La Folie has a dedicated team of chefs for assistance. Each class is accompanied with the required ingredients, easy-to-follow recipe sheets and an opportunity to bond with fellow gourmands over light refreshments. 

Date: Friday, February 29, 2020

Time: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (9 hours)

Address: The Classroom by La Folie, Shakti Mills Lane, Upper Worli, Mumbai, Maharashtra – India

Contact Number: +919167762379

Price: 4500 per person