Baking Tips: How To Extend Shelf Life Of Baked Goods


The article is authored by Mrs. Avika, Founder of Honey & Dough

Are you the one who loves to bake cookies, and cakes for their friends or families very often, or Post-Covid you have found your new love for baking different types of cakes for your kids or your loved ones?

I’m sure baking is fun but it’s also important to understand some easy tips on how to extend the shelf life of Baked goods.

Here are some quick tips and tricks for every baker out there to understand how to extend the shelf life of your baked goods.

1. Always keep it in an air-tight container

The fresh soft baked cakes should always be kept in a tightly sealed container far from getting it exposed to air. Once your baked products are ready let me cool them down for a moment and then pack them up in the container. It’s always advisable to keep your muffins, bread, or cookies in it.

2. Keep it in the freezer

Do not forget to keep your baked stuff in the freezer to increase its shelf life. This surely gives a moment to enjoy eating for more and more days without worrying about it getting stale. Key to note-Bakers should not freeze baked products frosted with ice on top of it.

3. Use Honey while baking

Honey comes with various amazing properties and advantages, being a natural sweeter it directly works as processed sugar, using honey can also help you gain much weight and also leads to increasing the shelf life of your baked cookies, cakes, or muffins.

4. Try using cinnamon

Surprised to listening how cinnamon can be used during baking, but to your surprise cinnamon has a strong aroma and its aroma is what can help your baked goods to length for days and days.

5. Use Salt Butter

As we know salt is the oldest and most commonly used preservative used in culinary options, so all bakers start using salt butter than unsalted butter to let your goodies stay a little long. The salt butter also won’t give any harmful effect on your goods.

6. Consider an Emulsifier or a Natural Preservative

The Natural preservatives are additives that slow the growth of spoilage organisms like mold or bacteria in baked goods. Keeping this in mind we can use emulsifiers in baked goods that help with batter stabilization and shelf retention too. Bit of pectin also works effectively and efficiently.

7. Cover it with a cake dome

If you love baking remember always to have a good cake dome to protect your freshly baked cakes from spoiling in the presence of air. If you plan to bake a frosted cake full of icing always cover it with a dome or a bowl upside down carefully without harming or destroying the icing spread.