Barbeque Nation Unveils ‘Mood-e-Monsoon’: A Culinary Celebration of the Rainy Season on the Plate


As the pitter-patter of raindrops fills the air, Barbeque Nation (, India’s favourite casual dining restaurant chain, is delighted to launch its latest adventure: the ‘Mood-e-Monsoon’ festival. This immersive culinary experience captures the cozy essence of the rainy season through a carefully curated menu of comfort foods and seasonal specialties. Commencing on July 10th and running through July 31st, 2024, the Monsoon Festival promises an unforgettable dining experience at Barbeque Nation restaurants across India. 

The specially curated menu features an array of dishes perfectly suited for rainy day cravings. Embark on a flavour safari with Grilled Bhutta, the ever-energizing Mix Pakoda Platter, and the legendary Fish Amritsari. These monsoon favorites are joined by a delectable line-up featuring the classic Chana Chaat, Egg Pakoda, Masala Peanut, and the ever-popular Chicken Pakoda.. To perfectly complement the monsoon mood, the festival boasts a selection of refreshing dishes like Chicken Fried Momos and Channa Dal Wada. As a sweet finale, don’t miss the Hot Jalebi, a traditional monsoon dessert guaranteed to awaken your taste buds and complete your culinary adventure.

“Our ‘Mood-e-Monsoon’ festival is designed to evoke the warmth and nostalgia associated with rainy days. We’ve reimagined classic monsoon treats alongside innovative new offerings to create a truly memorable dining experience. Each dish is a delightful combination guaranteed to leave you wanting more. We look forward to welcoming our guests as we celebrate the onset of the Indian Monsoon season”

Rahul Agrawal, CEO of Barbeque Nation

The ‘Mood-e-Monsoon’ festival will be available at Barbeque Nation outlets across India, inviting diners to experience the joy of monsoon cuisine in a warm, inviting atmosphere. To see the list of restaurants running this festival, and to experience the monsoon treats, book your table at:

About Barbeque Nation:

Barbeque Nation is a pioneer in the Indian F&B industry, known for introducing the ‘DIY’ (do-it-yourself) cuisine with the concept of live on-the-table grilling and buffet dining in India. Since its inception in Mumbai in 2006, the simple vision of offering a complete dining experience to customers in all aspects of its hospitality has propelled the growth of the chain. Over the past 18 years, Barbeque Nation has grown to over 85 cities with 194 outlets in India and abroad. During this period, the restaurant chain has continuously innovated by introducing interactive live counters, a variety of Kulfi options, and a unique delivery product portfolio known as ‘Barbeque-in-a-Box’.