Your ideal bartender!


“Straight up,neat,on the rocks- the magician can do it all.”

Bartending ,one of the most booming profession of the hospitality industry. Individuals who believe in slow and steady,should definitely aspire to have a career in this field.Bartenders work as the powerhouse for any hotel.These frontline managers need to slay it,everytime.
We bring to you some traits that a bartender should definitely possess to enrich in the hotel industry.

Knowledge and skills:a bartender should acquire knowledge and expertise.He should be clear about what he is doing and why is he doing it.You should be aware of common and popular drink and keep updating yourself regarding the new trends.

Communicate with my friend, communicate: your guest just had a breakup. He is depressed. He asks you for a drink and you are rude and ignorant. Things will not work like this. You should be pro at communication. Your personality should connect with a customer. He should be comfortable with you.

Neat freak: the hospitality industry works give a lot of importance to hygiene. As a bartender, what you are doing and how are you doing it would be clearly visible to your customer. It is essential for you to organize your table and keep it clean, tidy and sanitary.

Memory: in this profession, you will have some of the busiest nights of your lives. And to manage all this, memory plays a key role. Bartenders should be constantly attentive towards the requirements of the customers.

Lively personality: any good bartender should be well maintained, with a positive attitude and an attractive physique. You should be customer friendly. Learning foreign languages and sign languages would always be beneficial for your carrier.

Bartending is fun and exciting. If interested in the hospitality sector, then bartending would surely proof as a fruitful and rewarding career option.