Being organic to Serve healthy meals at Crowne Plaza Pune


Crowne Plaza Pune never fails to impress their patrons with their wide variety of mouthwatering delicacies. One of the reasons behind this is their use of organic items for preparing the food.Executive Chef- Sarika Kamblebelieves in cooking food with fresh, local and organic ingredients.Crowne Plaza Pune has an in-house organic terrace garden, where they grow cherry tomato, basil, wheat grass, mustard cress and mustard plants.

Tea and detox water prepared using holy basil(tulsi)is a must-have at Crowne Plaza. The organic basil gives a refreshing taste andrelaxes the body, mind and spirit. Organic wheatgrass is used to prepare a fresh and healthy juice that is served during thebreakfast buffet at Mosaic, Crown Plaza’s all-day restaurant.

The fresh mustard that gives a strong and tangy flavor to the pickles is also handpicked from their organic garden.They use their own micro herbs like mustard cress, moong cress and moreto garnishand complement the taste of their appetizing dishes. Fresh and organic cherry tomato sweetens a variety of dishes and enhances the flavor of the dishes served at Mosaic.

Their delectable cuisines and relaxing experience is what makes Crowne Plaza one of the finest places in the city to dine at.