Best Chefs to be awarded at India’s Biggest Culinary Awards


Indian Culinary Forum announces its 18th Annual Chef Awards & 9th Chef Summit

New Delhi, October 14, 2021: To recognize and honor the chefs and their exemplary contribution to the Hospitality industry, Indian Culinary Forum (ICF) commences with the three days Trade Test- a culinary competition for the 18th edition of Annual Chef Awards, at the Indian Culinary Institute, Noida. Keeping the Covid-related SOPs and guidelines in mind, the series of events have been planned and organized to ensure a safe and protected environment against coronavirus fears.

The Indian Culinary Forum is celebrating the 18th Annual Chef Awards 2021 on the occasion of International Chefs’ Day at The Park Hotel, Connaught Place, New Delhi on Wednesday, October 20, 2021.  On this occasion, the Indian Culinary Forum will be honouring the achievements of outstanding culinary artisans by conferring them with Awards. The Indian Culinary Forum, India’s biggest organization of Chefs with over 1,000 strong members, is dedicated to the advancement of the culinary arts in India.

Experiencing an astonishing surge in the number of participants, over 100 odd chefs, coming from starred hotels and high-end stand-alone restaurants, would be competing amongst themselves in 8 different categories at this culinary platform in their bid to take home the coveted Best Chef awards. The Jury comprises renowned chefs under the chairmanship of a WACS-certified chef. Noted Chef Umesh Mattoo will preside as the Chairperson of the jury in this year’s competitions, while Chef Sireesh Saxena will be the organizing secretary.

The chef Summit that will complete 9 years this time is also another highlight of the glittering event. Since the last 9 years, ICF has widened its scope of activity by conducting a Knowledge Summit with the Award Ceremony, wherein the veteran chefs and stalwarts linked with the Food and Beverage Industry share their knowledge and experiences with the new and upcoming chefs. The Knowledge Summit also provides a platform for discussing and deliberating the issues concerning the Industry, planning how to put Indian cuisine on the global culinary map and chalking out the way forward for the Food and Beverage Industry.

Speaking about the forthcoming events, Chef Davinder Kumar, President Indian Culinary Forum, said, “We have been organizing the Annual Chef Awards since the last 18 years as part of the celebrations of the International Chefs Day. The prime objective of the Chef Awards is to provide the chefs with a platform where they can exhibit their culinary, preparation, and presentation skills and get rewarded for the same, in our bid to encourage them to match the International standards. The event would also serve as a medium to bring the best out of the upcoming chefs while also maximizing the potential of the existing ones for their growth in the sector”.

“We have all made earnest endeavours to bring our fraternity closer year after year and will continue to do everything possible for the betterment of the culinary profession. We sincerely hope that Indian culinary art gains more worldwide recognition and acclaim.”, he added.

Chef Vivek Saggar, General Secretary of Indian Culinary Forum, says, “The platform will not merely be a competition as chefs will be updated with modern techniques and mechanisms that are used in kitchens across the world. You can have a great career only if it’s built on a solid foundation. The right training can take you places and therefore, the Chef Awards is more than just a competition. They understand the value of getting basics right even while innovating. The association has been giving due recognition to the unknown faces, who bring smiles on the faces of diners for 18 years now. By imparting improved education and organising grand industry-specific events, we keep moving one step ahead and set new benchmarks in the hospitality industry.”, he concluded. 

Chefs not only play a significant role in preparing scrumptious and nutritious delicacies but they also silently put India on the global culinary map. Since its inception in 1987, ICF has continued with its efforts of recognizing and honouring the young talents and veterans of the culinary field. The awards and summit are not only meant to laud these knights in the kitchen but also give a major boost to the popularity of Indian cuisine internationally. These awards that are bestowed upon the chefs motivate the recipients to do better as well as elevate their careers. The last 18 years have been a glorious testament of how the awards have been an incredible instrument for the enhancement and overall development of the national community of chefs.

Indian Culinary Forum: The Indian Culinary Forum is India’s association of Professional chefs of India. It was formed in New Delhi in 1987 as an exclusive non-profit-making organization, dedicated solely to the advancement of the culinary art of India. The Forum’s objective is to act as a link, a platform and an instrument for the enhancement and overall development of the national community of chefs. The World Association of Cooks Societies (WACS) is 110-nation fellowship comprising the world’s various professional chefs’ organization representing over 9 million professional chefs. The ICF has an international culinary focus in the staging of its various competitions, seminars, and events. The aims of the ICF, broadly, are:

o    To enhance the culinary prestige to India

o   To encourage Indian nationals to consider a career within the hospitality industry

o    To promote Indian Cuisine globally

o   To help young chefs to hone culinary skills through training, workshops, and competition

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