Blueberry pate de fruit enrobed in chocolate (eggless) at Novotel Bengaluru Outer Ring Road


Blueberry pate de fruit enrobed in chocolate (eggless)


* 1000 grams blueberry puree,
* 1140 grams. sugar
* 200 grams. corn syrup

* 15 grams. citric acid diluted in 15 g. water, (or 15 g. lemon juice)

* 20 grams. powdered pectin


Mix about 100 g. of sugar with the pectin. Whisk them together.

Heat the puree to 120 degrees. F.

Whisk and add the pectin/sugar mixture. Bring to a boil and let boil

one minute.

Add the corn syrup and the rest of the sugar. Cook to 223 degrees F

One the mixture reaches 223F, stir in the citric acid/water mixture or the lemon

juice. Cook one more minute.

Pour the molten pate de fruits mixture into a half-sheet pan which you have

Lined with a silicon mat. Let set up at room temperature until cool and slice

them into small squares. Then enrobe it with tempered milk chocolate