Bollywood Star Bhumi Pednekar Invest In Chrome Asia Hospitality’s First Boutique Hotel KAIA


Mumbai, 15th June, 2023: Bollywood Star Bhumi Pednekar has joined hands with Mumbai based Chrome Asia Hospitality to invest in the group’s first boutique hotel in Goa. Founded by Pawan Shahri, Dhaval Udeshi and Nikita Shahri, Chrome Hospitality has established a strong foothold in Mumbai’s all day casual-dining space. The brand scaled exponentially in 2022 and went on to develop 1,00,000 sq ft of hospitality space in India and launched five new restaurants in Mumbai under the Chrome Hospitality umbrella.  Being a frontrunner in the space, the group boasts of owning and managing some of the most unique F&B outlets in the city including Eve, Donna Deli, Shy & Demy amongst others. 

With KAIA, Chrome Asia Hospitality will embark on a new journey in the hotel space. Aligned with Bhumi’s ethos of slow living, KAIA by Chrome is specially curated for the traveler who seeks ultimate relaxation and is built on the philosophy of slow living.  “As an actor, I have always sought to explore new avenues, even beyond the silver screen. I strongly believe in the power of investments. I place my faith in investing in spaces that create meaningful experiences and KAIA has the power to do just that. Investing in KAIA is a venture that not only aligns with my passion for living life to the fullest, creating unforgettable experiences but also reflects my commitment for responsible hospitality and philosophy of slow living. With this investment, we aspire to curate a haven that combines luxury, comfort, warmth and cultural immersion. This venture represents my belief in the transformative power of responsible hospitality, where every stay becomes an opportunity for personal growth and meaningful connections. “

Bhumi Pednekar

“We at Chrome Asia Hospitality are thrilled as we hit two major milestones – one being that of venturing into the boutique hotels space and the second of having Bhumi on board as our investor and supporter for our latest venture- KAIA. This endeavor marks the beginning of an exciting chapter, brimming with opportunities to deliver unparalleled experiences to everyone. With Bhumi’s passion for exceptional experiences and our commitment to deliver novel concepts across formats, we are confident of scaling brand KAIA across destinations. We’re just getting started and we can’t wait to unveil KAIA, Goa in all its glory”

 Pawan Shahri, Co-founder, Chrome Asia Hospitality

Earlier this year, Chrome announced expansion with a vision to add five new brands across fine dining formats while further strengthening the presence of the existing brands. After launching some of the most sought-after dining destinations in Mumbai, Chrome has reported a profitable journey so far, showing valuable growth to 3X. Growing strength to strength, Chrome Hospitality also plans to focus and lay emphasis on establishing new benchmarks in the hospitality space.

About KAIA, Goa:

KAIA, A boutique hotel, is thoughtfully designed to provide comfort and simplicity, allowing guests to find solace in a cozy and uncluttered environment. Minimalist aesthetics, coupled with favorable amenities, create a space that promotes tranquility. For a communal experience, KAIA Village provides ten well-appointed rooms and a charming common area to read books, play board games and just let time slow down. We encourage our guests to connect with fellow travellers, share stories, and forge lasting memories. The KAIA Villa, is a luxurious four room haven, boasts a private plunge pool and direct access to the beach, allowing guests to unwind and revel in the natural beauty that surrounds them. With its tranquil atmosphere and stunning views of the backwater, this Villa promises an idyllic escape for those seeking privacy and relaxation. Unwind in the embrace of slow living, and let the worries of the world melt away.

About Chrome Asia Hospitality

Launched in 2019, Chrome Asia Hospitality, a venture by Nikita Shahri, Dhaval Udeshi & Pawan Shahri, is a full-scale hospitality company focussed on creating experience driven restaurants across the country. The group owns, manages and consults restaurants, bars & boutique hotels across the country.

Chrome Asia Hospitality was launched with a mission to create world-class experiences. The group owns and manages few of the best of F&B all day casual dining restaurants in Mumbai including EVE, Shy, Donna Deli & Demy.

Having the perfect mix of F&B and nightlife experience, Pawan, Nikita & Dhaval came together to put their skills to the right use and give Mumbai’s discerning crowd, novel dining experiences. Pawan’s decade long experience in elevating Mumbai’s nightlife, Nikita’s expertise in launch top-notch event IPs for brands and a great sense for all things design along with Dhaval’s eye for the best F&B experiences culminated into what we see as the best all day casual diners in the city. With its latest launch in Goa, the trio has now ventured in the boutique hospitality space and will look at scaling this segment as well.

Chrome Asia Hospitality aims to elevate India’s F&B by launching more experience driven restaurants across geographies.