Businessman Turned Hotelier – Satish Arora


Being an immensely successful businessman with his unique experience of several industries, he tried the hospitality industry with his very first Hotel in Agra. Agra being the more tourist attractive city, his game plan for his very first hotel was very well tried and tested.15424451_10211755016098794_586672315_n

Being fond of traveling, he had an immense knowledge of what the industry is about and what delights the guest. With the right bunch of professionals and the plan, he started with his dream project which was supposedly a gift for his beloved wife and is called as Hotel Poonam Plaza.

His son being very tech savvy has maintained the property very technical advanced in terms of their online presence and being associated with different types of  software and well-equipped kitchen and buffet equipment.

The hospitality at this hotel is world class and truly defines the  statement ‘Home Away from Home’.