Celebrate Diwali with Rock Paper Rum


The festival of lights is almost here and we can already feel the gushing energy in the air! Rock Paper Rum is here to spread cheer to your house parties. Inspired by the classic game of taking a chance, Rock Paper Scissors, this is a tribute to the risk takers who are changing India as we know it. Craftily made with locally-sourced sugarcane and artfully blended with rare botanicals, this rum is made in small batches. This triple-distilled rum made with a rare blend of botanicals upholds interesting notes, with an unwavering focus on quality. It’s disruptive, and sports a bold, playful and punchy attitude with a sense of being premium yet affordable. 

Make your “Rocktails” more fun with these two variations that will add a new zest to your drinks! The Indian Spiced Rum, (INR1500 – 750ml) is an original recipe of elegantly spiced nuances that are made in small batches. Tear away the handcrafted beauty that sings in an oaky tune and what you find is a rare blend of botanicals underneath. This authentic triple-distilled golden rum goes down smooth, which is rich, delicious, and packed full of flavour. This is dark and mysterious, and a perfect way to escape after a long hard day. It can be best enjoyed sipping on the rocks or spicing up dark liquor cocktails. The Coastal White Rum (INR1350 – 750ml) is refreshingly woody & sweet with a hint of vanilla, this vibrant rum is artfully blended and made in small batches. It is perfect for white spirit lovers and cocktail mixers who yearn for an adventure in classic subtlety, It can be best enjoyed with cocktails or as shooters. 

Sip, swirl and enjoy the teen patti with Rock Paper Rum, a brand crafted for perfection! Available at your nearest retail stores in Mumbai