Celebrate Rakshabandhan with Boombay!


Sibling love is sweet and sour, spicy and bland, and everything in between. From fighting for the last bite of food to sharing secrets under the moon, siblings share a bond that is but a plethora of flavours and tastes. And for a bond, this versatile, gift your partner in crime the taste of your relationship with Boombay!

Boombay is a seed-to-sauce brand that offers a range of Toppings, Dressings, Dips & Spreads, Stir-Fry Sauces, Vegan Mayos, and Sauces, each of which has a distinct taste, aroma, texture, and colour. Each condiment is made with 100% natural ingredients and comes with a six month shelf life without any additives or preservatives. 

From dressings such as Kokum + Green Chilli, Smoked Chilli Jaggery, toppings such as Five Chilli Oil and Timur Chilli Crisp, Vegan Mayos such as Black Pepper, Dips and Spreads such as Tamarind + Spice, to Stir fry sauces such as Black Sesame + Timur Pepper and Lime Leaf + Lemongrass, this gift with innovative flavours metaphorizes sibling bond that is just as unique.

The products have a 6-month shelf life without any additives or preservatives with an array of flavours narrating their own story in every bite.

Available pan-India, the products can be purchased on Boombay’s website, boombay.in and through Amazon.