CelesTe launches their Winter Tea Collections


CelesTe is a luxury brand specializing in exquisite hand lined artisanal teas which are uniquely crafted to perfection. They believe in delivering blended whole leaf teas from India’s finest Tea gardens. They believe that good quality tea should be an everyday luxury. CelesTe’s endeavour is to offer exceptional experience to as many people as possible with the Tea Blends.

The founder of CelesTe, Anubha Jhawar has spent a good part of her childhood around tea estates and her love for tea made pursue her passion, to start her own collection of tea blends. She went beyond the usual blends and took a step into the entrepreneurial world of tea with CELES TÉ to bring artisanal infusions and blends to modern tea aficionados.

This winter season CelesTe is introducing a new range of teas. The winter teas are specifically curated with different types of spices and aromas to enhance your experience. Whether you just want to boost your immunity, get into the festive mood or simply enjoy a hot drink, these winter teas are a great choice to change your winter into a magical one, and provide additional benefits alongside.

CelesTe is introducing their new winter tea collection:

1. Vedic Elixir –

A cup of morning tea to enhance daily immunity. Start your day with this refreshing and healing ayurvedic cup that is warm, spicy and replenishing. This black tea gives you the much-needed dose of immunity and drives away lazy mornings while keeping you active and alert all day. Black pepper, Ginger, Tulsi, Ashwagandha and Turmeric have a special mention in our ancient scriptures to treat several ailments and are widely used in traditional Indian households. Sip this beneficial immunity blend at the start of the day and enhance your immunity every day.

Price: INR 699

2. Apple Pie –

The irresistible Temptation that started it all now stirs up a celestial storm. Sweet and salty Apple crunchiness is superbly complemented by the sensuous aromatic creaminess of vanilla. Rounded off with a burst of cinnamon deliciousness, this one is one wicked, sinfully decadent Sip.

Price: INR 699

3. Kashmiri Kahwa –

The smell of fresh grass, splashes of green and brown, the whiff of fragrant blooms, who has not stopped to revel in the beauty of Kashmir? The queen of flowers rules with her exquisite aroma aptly complemented by the dainty finesse of green tea. Reminiscent of a sunshine-dappled forest floor, high mountains with a hint of the exotic saffron and herbal notes of cloves are delicately balanced with the sweetness of cinnamon and nutty silkiness of cardamom. A truly celebratory tea, Kahwa is best served during brunch hours.

Price: INR 699

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