Celestial Teapot & Sunit Zadav Live at Todi Mill Social

About Celestial Teapot:
Celestial Teapot uses a blend of powerful, ambient and dreamy soundscapes. They believe in creating imagery with our music and let the listener build stories around it. It’s about letting your emotions sway in the ambiance around you.  
Celestial Teapot is a five-piece instrumental rock act from Pune, India. They released their debut album in December 2015 called ‘One Big Sky’ wherein we had the pleasure of collaborating with Marjana Semkina, vocalist of Russian Prog/Chamber duo ‘Iamthemorning’ on one of their songs called ‘Nacreous’. One Big Sky has received acclaim not only from the locals but a great deal from the overseas audience as well. They were incredibly fortunate to have ‘One Big Sky’ featured & recommended by Ben Sharp (Cloudkicker) himself, on his Bandcamp page.
They have earned a spot for themselves and shared the stage with some stellar Indian and International acts such as Megadeth, The Wailers, Indus Creed, Skrat etc. at the 6th edition of Harley Rock Riders at Richardson Cruddas in Mumbai, India. To promote
the album, they had an opportunity to tour nationally with Delhi-based Post-Rock band Ioish, in Feb 2016. The tour comprised of five cities, namely: Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai & Nashik and received tremendous support from crowds all over. They also had a chance to play with Prog giants Coshish and Rainburn, supporting them at the Pune leg of ‘Pro works on Wheels’.
About Sunit Zadav: 
Sunit Zadav is a singer-songwriter currently living in Mumbai, India. His music can chiefly be classified as acoustic pop with subtle influences from blues, country, jazz, and folk. 
After having played at numerous venues in Pune, he has recently moved to Mumbai to promote his music in this city.
Date: 8th August 2018 
Time: 10.00 pm Onwards 
Entry: Rs 400 at the gate 
Contact: 075063 94240 
Venue: Todi Mill Social, 242, Mathuradas Mill Compound, Lower Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400013