Chef Gauri Varma’s Culinary Masterpiece Takes Centre Stage at AHAR 2024, Inspiring Women Empowerment and Redefining Culinary Boundaries


Delhi NCR, March 9th, 2024 – Chef Gauri Varma, the visionary force behind G’s Patisserie and the innovative brand Confect, captivated attendees at the prestigious Aahar 2024 exhibition with her extraordinary edible art installation.

Chef Gauri Varma’s booth at Aahar featured a breathtaking Eiffel Tower installation adorned with 3500 edible sugar roses, all meticulously crafted by hand from her brand, Confect. The Eiffel Tower, an iconic symbol of strength and beauty, stands tall, much like women who remain resilient from within while exuding grace and elegance outwardly. Additionally, she showcased an astonishing 36,000 sugar flowers, all edible and suspended from the ceiling to create the illusion of a blooming spring. This remarkable display was a visual and culinary delight for all visitors.

Gauri Varma’s dedication to empowering underprivileged women through Confect is as remarkable as her pursuit of perfection. From crafting a single creation to developing Confect, a groundbreaking sugar paste free from gluten, dairy, and nuts, her innovative spirit has garnered global acclaim, establishing her as India’s pioneering chef in revolutionising baking. With a portfolio of 750 products, Gauri’s commitment to excellence and empowerment underscores her leadership in the culinary arts. Her participation at Aahar 2024 marked another milestone in her illustrious career, showcasing her unparalleled creativity and dedication to the craft.

“AHAR 2024 has been an incredible culinary exploration and empowerment journey for me. Displaying my creations was a labour of love and creativity, an honor to showcase Confect’s artistry on such a prestigious platform. My journey with Confect is about breaking stereotypes, empowering women, and proving that dedication and creativity make anything possible. Through this platform, I aim to inspire fellow chefs and women to embrace their passion, break barriers, and forge their paths in the culinary world.” –

Chef Gauri Varma, Founder & CEO, Confect.

Amidst many talents, attendees found themselves captivated by Chef Gauri Varma’s booth, featuring a mesmerizing display of her edible art installation. The Eiffel Tower, adorned with handcrafted edible sugar roses from her brand, Confect, alongside 36,000 sugar flowers hanging from the ceiling, left visitors spellbound. This innovative effort adds to India’s artistic landscape. Guests not only enjoyed visual marvels but also engaged with Chef Gauri herself. They were eager to discover the inspiration behind the intricate installations, her techniques, and the future of Confect. 

At AHAR 2024, Chef Gauri’s display embodies sisterhood and empowerment, celebrating femininity and inspiring women in the culinary realm. Her vision extends beyond culinary innovation; it’s about uplifting India’s edible art and baking scene. With her innovative culinary artistry, she reshapes traditional cuisine, fostering inclusivity and diversity in hospitality. As she continues to innovate, Chef Gauri Varma remains a beacon of creativity and leadership, driving forward a vision of boundless possibility in the world of Hospitality.