Chef is a title of respect:Chef Afroj Alam


HospiBuz:- The world of culinary is both science as well as art. Chef, please tell us what inspired you to enter the culinary world?

Chef Afroj Alam:- Since I am good in art since childhood and used to help my mother in kitchen always and used to cook as well on festival time. Cooking was always my hobby which developed more when I was in hostel during my college time, I always loved to make food and feed others, I used to do so many experiment with food thus preparing some innovative dishes and my friends used to love it and appreciate me, this all lead me to kitchen.

HospiBuz:- No matter where we are the essence of Indian food always remains in our hearts, Please tell us one thing about India and  Indian Hotel kitchens that you missed in Dubai?

Chef Afroj Alam:- Some special traditional cooking utensils and some rare peculiar spices which we can’t get them here.

HospiBuz:- Chef, please tell us about your work cycle at Sheraton?

Chef Afroj Alam:- Checking with the quality of received vegetables, fruits, meat items than morning briefing of kitchen team for special of the day and feedback of previous day guest comment. Than getting involved in kitchen for some main preparation with the team and train new joiners by showing the SOP. During lunch and dinner food service in restaurant I make sure to meet our guests for their valued feedback. 

HospiBuz:- Please tell us something about “Alam Miyyan ki Rasoi”?

Chef Afroj Alam:- Chef Alam’s special menu is dominated by traditional flavours and features dishes that trace its roots to India’s rich culinary heritage. Drawing inspiration from regional specialities of India, with the addition of dishes from royal Mughal kitchens, the menu highlights flavours from India’s terrier in its most authentic form.

The culinary experts have prepared every dish with great attention to detail, using choice cuts of meat, fresh catches of the day, mixed with rich homemade spices and the freshest produce. Bringing flavours from Old Delhi’s revered specialities, Chef Alam’s special feast welcomes diners with chaat prepared with a unique twist, offering Karare Murgh Ki Chaat, Masala Papdi Chaat, among other palate-tingling varieties. Alam Miyaan ki Rasoi balances its offerings with a generous selection of vegetarian options, including Sarson Ke Phool, Bharwan Aloo Ki Nazakat, Bhagare Khatte Meethe Baingan cooked with a special spice mix, among others that are sure to delight Purani Dilli’s vegetarian diners.  

The special culinary feast offers eclectic appetizers, including Murgh Dahi Pyaza, a wholesome chicken mince dish blended with Awadhi spice, as well as Tali Machhi marinated with refreshing mint and Chef Alam’s special spices. Displaying his creative genius, Chef Alam’s mains range from Rara Gosht, a traditional lamb dish prepared with his special spices to Aloo Gobhi Ki Tahri, a fragrant Awadhi rice pilaf cooked with assorted vegetables and finished with saffron. Diners at Purani Dilli will surely be spoilt for choices! No Indian feast is truly complete without dessert and Alam Miyaan ki Rasoi concludes the offering with Baked Boondi Jamun, a melt-in-your-mouth combination of sweet gulab jamun baked with sweet boondi to satiate sweet cravings.

“Indian cuisine is extremely rich, flavorful and diverse and with ‘Alam Miyaan ki Rasoi’ we want to bring authentic flavors of North India to the table. Chef Alam has created an extensive menu that perfectly highlights the timeless legacy of the cuisine whilst giving our guests an opportunity to relish authentic recipes in Dubai,”

HospiBuz:- What is the best part of being a chef?

Chef Afroj Alam:- It’s a title of respect, instant gratification and it gives you plenty of opportunities to get creative, innovative and try new recipes and menu combinations that will make your venue apart from the competitors.

HospiBuz:- What is the first thing that you do when you enter the kitchen?

Chef Afroj Alam:- Wash my hands.