Chef Raghvendra Singh from Meetha By Radisson has curated Mango Specials. Sharing his speciality Mango Angoori Rabdi Recipe


Cow milk 1 litre

Maida 50 gram

Vinegar 25 ml

Sugar 450 grams

Buffalo milk 1 litre

Fresh Mango 4 

Pista 20 Grams

Boil 1 litre cow milk for 15 to 20mins. Stain it with a white cloth. 

Add 50ml water in 25ml vinegar. Mix this slowly with cow milk. Let it rest for 15mins.

Take 400 Grams of sugar add 1 litre water and make sugar syrup keep it on gas for 15mins on high

flame. Take the cow milk mixture that you had kept aside and remove water from it. Mash this mixture in abig plate for sometime so that no lumps are formed.Make 3 to 4 Grams of small balls. 

Boil the sugar syrup again. Add 100 ml water in 50 gram Maida. And add it in the sugar syrup let it boil on high flame for 5mins. Then add the small balls that you made and cook it for 15 mins. Take it out and keep it aside.

Put one litre Buffalo milk on boil. Add 50 Grams sugar after first boil and reduce the milk for 8 to 10mins. Add the small balls in this milk.

Make fresh Mango pulp add it to this mixture. And Garnish it with Pistas. Your Mango Angoori Rabdi is ready to serve.