Chef Saravanan is jubilant about winning this year’s Award of Culinary Excellence


Chef saravanan from Holiday inn express Bommasandra Bangalore Mindspace believes a chef has to specialise in more than one cuisine. He says as an executive chef he should be able to provide helpful inputs to his team — inputs that are beyond judging taste and selection of ingredients saravanan who won AAHAR WAYS most coveted Award of Culinary Excellence says he like to lead his team in impressing his guests. “Isn’t that why one comes to dine at a restaurant,” he says whose excellence and dedication and never-ending passion for culinary arts was rightfully recognised through the award.

A total of 1100 chefs from various Bangalore properties across south Pacific including north competed for the award. And if you thought the winner is someone who cooked excellent food alone, chef Saravanan begs to differ, “Food is an important part for the participants but that’s not all. We were judged based on performance, efficiency and innovation when it comes to promotions. An AAHAR WAYS winner is not just about being a good chef with solid cooking or great managerial skills. Like any good dish, it is requires a perfect blend of all ingredients.”