Being an entrepreneur is a thrill and fun too: Chef Sher Singh


HospiBuz:- What role does a chef play in establishing a brand?

Chef Sher Singh:- In a brand Chef needs to come up with as many ideas / dishes as possible that incorporate the product that is a Brand Chef for. The objective is to create, as a part of Marketing efforts, top-of-the-mind recall of the product in the minds of prospective consumers. A chef can do anything like- branding , marketing, designing etc, and its proofed by may mescaline star chef of the world , but nobody can cook and can’t think ( r&d) better than a chef, a dish can make you king and That dish made by Or proposed by a chef. Its proven by many Indian food brands .

HospiBuz:- How working for an established brand is different from working with a new brand?

Chef Sher Singh:- While working with a new brand you need to create an comfortable aura for your team so that they can easily follow your idea. This require huge courage, aim and focus.While starting a brand following key points are major —

Possessing a compelling vision

Creating new subcategories

Generating breakthrough brand building

Achieving integrated marketing communication

Building a digital strategy for food promotion

Building brand internally By SOP & training

Creating a brand-portfolio strategy

HospiBuz:- Please share your experience as an entrepreneur?

Chef Sher Singh:-Being an entrepreneur is a thrill and fun too. When I started the firm and I met few people they said you will consult us acha ok and meeting over, I immediate realize they need a bhari bharkam mature personality and then I gain 24 kg in 8 month and now I am consulting with reputed property. I travelled and worked in the Hospitality Industry of India – Delhi , Chandigarh, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajastan, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Uttrakhand, Telangana, Goa, Himachal etc. to a relentless focus on customer care and a commitment to creating dishes that reflect the best food in my menu creation. I lost almost 500 nights in three years and consume big amount of black coffee to entertain my passion. “But now I understood that a right market research, 100% dedication, no 2ND choice with proper R&D and dish marketing / packaging can create the success story” there is no other mantra of success .

HospiBuz:- Please share about the Mayal hospitality with our readers.

Chef Sher Singh:- We as a consulting firm with over 16+ years of F&B experience, we provide innovative and Unique restaurant concepts, food and beverage ideas, operational processes, marketing strategies, and staff training .We focus on profit making plans for our clients and by emphasizing on the return of Investment and minimalizing the Capital and Operational expenses.”


Chef Sher Singh:- Quick Service And Fast Casual FULL SERVICE Independent Operators Multi-Unit And FRANCHISE RESTAURANT GROUP. Stabilizing a single-unit operation or turning around a struggling chain requires a combination of creative culinary skills, operational expertise, financial and marketing strategies and focused restaurant leadership. Whether you are looking to grow your business or turn around an under-performing venture, Mayal Hospitality Restaurant Consultants provides operators with insights and strategies for improving performance and an upgraded runway for sustained growth.

HospiBuz:- Recently Mayal hospitality got a project of Asian and AMB cinema group, please share about the role of Mayal hospitality in the project?

Chef Sher Singh:- Mayal Hospitality- Asian Cinema / AMB cinema is the property of 2 company 1st A- means Asian Cinema, M – means Mahesh B- means Babu (Asian cinema + Mahesh Babu ( south superstar ) = AMB ) collaboration grandest of Asia and biggest cinema of south India,
It has a M- LOUNGE (Mahesh Babu Lounge ) Majestic? Mesmerizing? Maybe it is something more! AMB’s M Lounge… it’s a royal affair in red. Reserved for the rare few. Ensconced from the crowd and the queue, where you can enjoy unlimited luxury. And awesome food. MAYAL HOSPITALITY WAS FOOD CONSULTANT OF AMB CINEMAS we were responsible for food & beverage area layout, food, recipe, concept training store inventory management & sop. Now we are here for maintain the food & beverages standard and sop, trainings process and food production.

HospiBuz:- For whom do you aspire to cook for?

Chef Sher Singh:- Gordon Ramsay.