Chef Taj Appointed as Indian Masterchef at The Sahib Room & Kipling Bar, The St. Regis Mumbai


Redolent of the vintage era with storied tradition, The Sahib Room at The St. Regis Mumbai is renowned for its robust Indian delicacies and flavours.  The venue in all its glory, will have at its helm, Chef Taj, bringing his inimitable style of innovation blended to perfection.

A curious learner, Chef Taj, spent his early years in a quaint village near Lucknow listening to his friends tales of the rise of innovative Indian cuisine in the cities.  He was especially intrigued by the origin and success of Tunday Kebabs and the burgeoning appreciation of Lucknowi cuisine, which fuelled his ambition to embark on a culinary career.

Chef Taj spent his first year at the famed Tunday Kebab.  His enthusiasm and ability to engage with guests soon earned him a place with Jiggs Kalra, better known as “czar of Indian cuisine” and “tastemaker to the Nation.”  This was the turning point in his life, he was astounded with the respect and glamour that a master of cuisine commanded.  He was a quick learner and learnt the nuances of innovative techniques while mastering the style of culinary presentations. Chef Taj has since been on a path of gastronomic growth, moving up the ladder of success as he gained a reputation as an innovative chef who cooks from the heart.

Armed with his recently honed skills, he transitioned into the world of hotels over the years and soon joined Marriott International with the JW Marriott brand.  His stints with the varied hotels include leading Saffron at JW Marriott, one of the most popular Indian venues in Chandigarh and Hyderabad. Chef Taj will now head The Sahib Room and Kipling Bar, bringing his style of innovation and presentation to this much-loved venue.

His foray into The St. Regis Mumbai will be announced with a special menu comprising Chef Taj’s signature delicacies like Kacche Kele ki Karari Tikki, Bhune Til aur Zimmikand ki Shammi, Murg Banno Kebab, Shalgam Ghosht to name a few, all teamed with a collection of innovative and traditional breads like Doodhiya Kulcha, Methi Choori and Makki ki Roti.  Chef Taj enjoys engaging with his guests and presenting his dishes while recounting the unique history and tradition behind each dish.

In his personal time, he loves watching movies and enjoys bowling. Having tied the knot recently, holidays are spent trying out new dining venues with his wife.  He takes time to learn the nuances of all types of Indian cuisines.  Adept at creating Kashmiri & Punjabi favourites, he also has developed a deep understanding of Hyderabadi fare and Khandhari cuisine.  He is now on the path of learning and understanding the varied style of Bengali and Kerala cuisine in his spare time