Christmas Recipes by Balaji Srinivasan, Executive Chef, Cidade de Goa – IHCL SeleQtions


Serradura Cheese Cake 


Cream Cheese – 20 gms 

Milkmaid -50 gm 

Whipping Cream – 200 gms 

Agar Agar / Veg Gelatin Powder – 6 gms 

Milk Amul Taza (Tetra Pack) – 50 ml 

Marie Biscuit – 50 gms 

Tata Salt – 1 gm 

Raspberry Coulis – 3 gms 


In a bowl, add cream cheese, Milkmaid and whipping cream. Whisk till smooth. 

Add milk and continue to whist slowly.  

Add gelatin and salt. 

In a separate container crush the biscuit till it is fine. 

Grease a cake tin and add the biscuit crumb. 

Add the cream mixture to tap on the table to ensure no air bubbles. 

Refrigerate for three hours. 

Remove and cut into triangles. 

Top with the Raspberry Coulis. 

Serve Chilled. 

Sweet and Spicy Cranberry Glazed Meat Balls with Lemon and Maple Glazed Carrots 


For the Meat Balls 

Minced Lamb – 300 gms 

Egg – 2 nos 

Salt – 0.02 gms 

Crushed Black Pepper – 0.02 gms 

Chopped Onions – 0.1 gm 

Chopped Garlic – 0.02 gm 

Chopped Ginger – 0.02 gm 

Chopped Coriander – 0.02 gm 

Chopped Spring Onions – 0.02 gm 

For the Sauce 

Cranberry Pulp – 0.1 gms 

Olive Oil – 0.2 gms 

Chopped Onions – 0.1 gms 

Chopped Mushrooms – 0.1 gms 

Chopped Garlic – 0.01 gms 

Crushed Black Pepper – 0.01 gms 

Salt – 0.01 gms 

For the Carrots 

Carrot Batons – 0.1 gm 

Maple Syrup – 0.01 gm 

Crushed Black Pepper – 0.01 gm 

Lemon Juice – 0.01 gm 

Salt – 0.01 gm 


In a bowl, mix all the ingredients for the meat balls and refrigerate for 1 hour.  

Add olive oil in a fry pan, saute onions and garlic.  

Add the mushrooms, continue to saute.  

Add seasoning and a dash of water. 

Add cranberry pulp and cook till the sauce is thick.  

Boil the carrots with salt.  

In a separate bowl, mix maple syrup, salt seasonings and lemon juice.  

Add the boiled carrots to the bowl and mix well.  

Heat water in a pot, add a pinch of salt.  

Shape the meat balls into small dumplings.  

While the water is simmering slowly immerse the dumplings.  

Do not allow the water to boil.  

After four minutes gently turn the dumplings to make sure that they cook evenly.  

In a Pan, heat the sauce.  

Add the meat balls and toss well.  

Serve with the glazed carrots.