Coffee in a Cup or Cone ?


The Grind Coffee Company in Johannesburg, South Africa provides coffee to go in a cone. The cone is not just any ordinary cone. It comprises of ice cream cone, four layers of chocolate and coffee infused using South African bean.

It’s the dream come true for coffee lovers’ who wish to add an extra flavour to their drink.

Barista Dayne Levinrad is the mastermind behind this coffee creation. Levinrad, has worked for four years as a coffee consultant across Brazil, Australia and Los Angeles earlier.

Johannesburg has a competitive coffee sector. Viewing the public love for ice cream, chocolate and coffee, Levinrad decided to combine the three. As per Levinrad making the coffee in a cone is a “very arduous process.” It requires them to make their own wafer cones and coat them with four different types of chocolate compounds to avoid leakage.

For this Levinrad had to purchase a personal machine and create custom-made wafer cones. This was to counteract the problem of week hold of wafer for coffee. Eventually four different types of chocolate compounds were used to coat the cone.

The coffee served in cone is attracting plenty of visitors to the café. It has emerged to be winning on Instagram as well.

Customers have 10 minutes to consume the coffee before the four layers of chocolate melt!!

Such notion is nowhere to be seen as Levinrad has patented his creation.