“Cooking is my passion and in this profession we can create wonders where we can make others happy.” – Chef Suresh Babu, Executive Chef at Clarks Exotica Resorts and spa, Bengaluru


Crsz_clarks_exotica_devanahalli_logohef Suresh Babu, Executive Chef at Clarks Exotica Convention Resort & Spa, Bengaluru. He graduated from Industrial Training Institute and joined Clarks Exotica family in 2011 as a Sous Chef. He has over 20 years of experience working in many different culinary roles and settings. He specializes in cuisines Continental, which not just tastes great but also looks ravishing with a great presentation. He is a lover of innovation and likes to experiment with varied cuisines and fusion foods, preferably with organic products.

He has worked in the hospitality industry in diverse roles and always brings to the table in-depth knowledge of the food industry and culinary expertise.

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HospiBuz: Why did you choose to be a chef and what makes you happy and satisfied as being in this profession and what motivates you to innovate new dishes?

download (3)Chef Suresh Babu: Cooking is my passion and in this profession we can create wonders where we can make others happy. In the present world people are more aware about new trends and cuisines and want to try all forms of new dishes. So we have to keep ourselves ahead too with the various trends and that motivates me to innovate new dishes and bring out something new and interesting for my customers.

HospiBuz: Clarks Exotica Convention Resort & Spa comes up with various food festivals; please tell us what role does a chef play while your resort comes up with the food festival?

download (3)Chef Suresh Babu: While planning for the food festival first it comes down to customer’s satisfaction and taste. As per that I plan for the menu on various cuisines.

HospiBuz: Clarks Exotica Convention Resort & Spa is famous for both conferences and as a wedding destination please tell us how different are the menus for the both the events and how do you make sure that guests at wedding and conference are satisfied with the menu?

download (3)Chef Suresh Babu: We have wide variety of menu for corporate and weddings. At weddings the menu is a lavish spread and for the corporates we have more structured banquet menu.

HospiBuz: In your opinion, taste and food presentation both play an equal role while serving or taste should be given first priority?

download (3)Chef Suresh Babu: In my opinion it always depends on the customer. If they prefer continental cuisine it will be based on presentation and when it comes to any other cuisine, taste comes first.

HospiBuz: What made you specialized Continental cuisines and what is the best fusion with continental cuisine? In addition, which was the fusion food loved the guest visiting Clarks Exotica Convention Resort?

download (3)Chef Suresh Babu: Continental cuisine is the cuisine where you can use creative ideas and presentation. For me the best fusion with continental cuisine is Indianized continental dishes like what I make is Grilled fish and Stir fried vegetables with Makhani rice and sauce.

HospiBuz: When you come up with a new dish how do you take out the costing of the dish that guests feel that experience was worth paying?

download (3)Chef Suresh Babu: When I come up with a new dish, I take a note of all the ingredients that I have used and get a costing for that dish plus taxes, labour and get the final price of the dish.

HospiBuz: Chefs work is not only about handling in the kitchen, they are considered as the hidden hero. Please tell us what another role you play other than handling the kitchen?

download (3)Chef Suresh Babu: Utilizing interpersonal and communication skills to lead and influence the kitchen staff. Improve service by communicating and assisting individuals to understand guest needs. Provide guidance, feedback and individual coaching when needed. Coordinate with the purchase manager to get good deals on raw materials.

HospiBuz: In your opinion, do organic products help in improving the taste and presentation of the food?

download (3)Chef Suresh Babu: Organic food is better in taste because there are no pesticides used in cultivation which is good for the health. When it comes to presentation, it is personal choice how it is to be presented.

HospiBuz: How has been your journey from a Sous Chef to an Executive chef with Clarks Exotica Convention Resort and what are the moments that you cherish the most?

download (3)Chef Suresh Babu: The journey from a Sous Chef to an Executive chef has been wonderful and a great learning experience where I have learnt a lot from my colleagues and I have helped my colleagues learn a lot too. Clarks Exotica has played a major role in it and I feel it is one of the best places to work where the management always encourages you to do things in a better way.

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