Coronavirus outbreak: Cafes, restaurants in Mumbai to operate with precaution


In a late development the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation ‘diluted’ its order sent earlier in the day of shutting down non essential establishments in the city till the end of this month. In the latest order issued by the BMC Restaurants, cafes, Eateries and Dhabas can continue to function if they can self impose 50% customer capacity and maintain distance of 3 feet between each customer.

The new order has allowed work to continue on on going infrastructure projects, involving water, sewerage,Transportation and roads is involved.

It has also clarified that foreign consulates would be excluded and these consulates can take decisions as per their ‘own requirements in view of the international implications’. It has also elaborated that the Production, Transportation and supply chain, E Commerce of all essential goods including Food, Pharmaceutical, Pest control, and Medical equipments , warehousing of all essential food, grocery, Grain will be allowed.

The late night order reverses the earlier order of the BMC which did not allow restaurants or eateries to function. There is no clarity as to how the eateries and restaurants are going to implement functioning only up to 50% customer capacity and maintaining a distance of 3 feet between each customer.

Source:- Economic Times